Tribute To Our Doctors, Nurses And Paramedic Staff

doctors, nurses and paramedic staff
Security personals salute to doctors

Truly, not all heroes wear caps, some wear white coats and stethoscopes and fight for those who fight for life. Yes, I'm talking about the doctor. While all of us are asked to stay home and protect ourselves from COVID-19, there are these amazing humans still out these doctors, nurses, and paramedics staff who have been fighting 24/7 nonstop on the front lines to save lives, despite the huge risk to their own. Their work in the hospital during this pandemic involves a great risk of being caught by the virus and they may suffer as well. They worry about carrying the virus into their homes and their families, children, parents could be exposed. They worry about long hours separated from their loved ones during a time of stress. They worry about basic running at home. They live and fulfill their duties every day at the risk of their own lives. Dr. Osama Riaz became the first Pakistani doctor who lost his life and died of coronavirus which he had contracted while physically handling suspected COVID-19 patients returning to Gilgit-Baltistan and many other doctors are at the peak of such risk. The war against corona can't be won by any weapon but their true dedication to their job and during this time, our whole nation is relying on them. 

 To appreciate these real heroes and pay tribute to them, home-quarantined citizens are expressing love for the doctors and nurses on the front lines of the global COVID-19 outbreak, even as it spreads across much of the world. People raised white flags at 6pm from their balconies, rooftops, parks all around Pakistan to pay tribute to the real heroes. children and the elderly alike took to their balconies and rooftops to honor the medics. Many celebrities and great personalities also paid tribute to the heroes by making videos for them at home or through their tweets. 

They stay in the hospitals for us and the only thing they want from us in return is to stay at home and pray for them as well as the whole nation suffering from the pandemic. Let's pay tribute to these heroes by staying at home and doing what we can as a nation to win this battle against the virus, let's support these soldiers to win this war and prove how strong nation we are.

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