Sobia Qureshi, The Resilient Pakistani

Being resilient does not mean that people do not experience stress, emotional upheaval, and suffering. I am here to share my personal experience, I had in my life and how I got through all of it. It all started when I was in matric, I just had my final exams, my father died and amidst it all, I was also suffering from typhoid. I do not remember exactly how I did on my final exams because of the tensions I had of my father’s death and my health. After one year I finally started living my life normally, in 2011 I was a student in a federal government institute and my friends told me college admissions are closed now. I had no other choice but to take admission in government college as I already had one gap year in my studies. I got over from the trauma of my father’s death and I fought with my health issues. It all took one year. My family suggested that I should not waste further time and take admission in a government college. I did so, on my first day of college I saw teachers treating girls badly. I was not used to this type of behavior, it was all new for me. I shared all of this with my mother and I said I can’t study in this college. I want to study in the same college from where I completed my matriculation but we were not that much financially stable at that time so we could not have afforded the traveling expenses. Going through all this another year passed. My family was forcing me to study private and in an institute where quality education is only a motive but not practiced practically. One more year passed.  My positivity was replaced by negativity, I remained unhappy most of the time. I went into depression, but guess what through all this I just never stopped trying. I took admission privately(Arts). Those who do not know about private “ You do not go to college regularly but just to give exams”. I started studying at home. In 2016 I gave my first-year exams. I still remember when all students were cheating and the examiner said “You know they will get good grades as compared to you “ I answered yes I know but I will be satisfied with my result because I did hard work and my hard work will pay off eventually. I completed my intermediate in 2017 with 7 gap years bearing so much already. I started the course of ECE after my inter because this time I just didn’t want to waste my time, I completed it and in the same year I applied for scholarship test in the respected institution and I got selected, this was a dream come true for me after facing so many hurdles until I got F grade in mathematics. I already had gap years in my studies and I was not good at maths at all, at this point I was heartbroken once again. I didn’t give up. I used to practice maths at home, I never lost hope of getting selected again, I also started giving tuitions at home and started earning by myself. I applied again twice but got rejected, my friends suggested I stop trying again and again for the same university. Again somehow I was going to a place where I hardly came back the last time. I was going into depression again but still, somehow I had hope. I had hope, it was my tawakkul. Allah is the best of planners. It was my last chance, my family told me clearly that this is your last attempt otherwise get ready for your marriage. I was heartbroken, I just gave my last attempt with mixed emotions. I came home with no hope of and was busy in my daily routine. A friend told me that I had been selected. I checked the list and that was the moment I hugged my mom tightly and started crying, at that moment my Imaan strengthened. Indeed Allah is the best of planners. He knows when is the perfect time for what, but never give up no matter how hard it gets, keep trying \. Maybe your last chance is your first. Just do not give up, do not lose hope and do not let yourself weaken. Past few years I took all things as a lesson and as a result I learned how to be grateful always in your ups and in your downs, do not blame others. Be strong enough to hold up and take responsibility for your own life, be strong enough to take negative comments and do not let yourself down or give up. Right things happen at the right time.No one is perfect and no one gets what they want. To be in those who are thankful for what they have and never give up because your last chance may well be your first. Now I am living the life that I always wanted.

You are probably building your resilience each day without realizing it, when you get questions wrong, try again and when your grades are not what you hoped to try a little harder

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