Sajid Ali, The Resilient Pakistani

If I were to tell you that people’s perceptions and talk about you have a greater influence on your behavior, were you going to believe it? That is, if people consider you as good, intelligent and hard-working, you actually become so. Is that a myth? Well, I know someone who grew smarter just because people had good views about him.

He was not from a privileged class. He was not even from a privileged city or province which could have provided him greater facilities. His father was a primary teacher long before he started his “ Alif, Bay” lessons, but then the government changed and his father lost his job. He can vividly remember his first day at school. He was nothing special. The only subject that was taught there was “Sindhi”. But he had a craving for learning that made the paths to open up for him. Although he could have enjoyed playing and fun more, he chose to invest time in learning. Whenever his brother was home on weekends, he used to take lessons in English, Islamiat, and Sindhi. Whenever his cousin was on a visit to the village, he used to learn from him, or whenever he visited his cousin’s home, he used to take lessons, mostly of English.
sajid ali the resilient pakistani
He had a craving for learning, that is for sure, but was he intelligent or hard-working? It cannot be said with surety. For he does not believe it so. But that is how people started to consider him as good, intelligent, and hard-working.

It was one fine evening, when he was in the fields, grazing buffalos with family friends, that his fate was being changed, at home. His big brother was home discussing with the family to admit him to a city school for better studies. His big brother had met his teacher earlier who suggested this move.
After taking classes for about a month in his own city, he was shifted to Ghazali School Ghotki. He was about 9-10 years old, and yet he left his home town i.e Kashmore for Better opportunities. It was not he who was more concerned about being away from family, it was his mother who showed much courage to send her child away from her, making the choice of best instead of good.
On the very first day in Ghazali Ghotki, the principal came in the class and introduced this child as brilliant, intelligent and hard-working as was told by his big brother and cousin and then the principal expected this child to beat the most brilliant student in that class.

 In the very first test of mathematics, he failed to score passing marks. But then, the echoing sound of people who said he is intelligent and hard-working made him work hard and beat the most brilliant mind in that class. And eventually, they became best friends for the remaining days in Ghazali.
You know, it is very hard to meet expectations when you are told to beat someone who had already been at that level and you have to start from scratch. It may become the source of depression even, but this guy made it.

He could only visit his city after two weeks and that too for Sunday only which made it impossible for him to go to his village where his family resided.

He studied at Ghazali for 4-5 months and prepared for “Ali Trust College”, and fortunately his efforts bore fruit. He was selected in Ali Trust College, where he spent his 7 years of life. These 7 years were of struggle, hard work, and patience. He came to a place where his fellows were more good at studies than he. He had to struggle with English in the first place, learn to write answers in exams on his own. He had no practice of all this in his previous schools. And more importantly, he had to struggle to make good relationships with all 6 roommates, who used to tease him just because he was too sensitive. He used to weep when he found himself helpless in front of those naughty roommates. But the time went on, and he successfully made everything fine. And then, a time came when he was regarded as the topper of the class, a good friend of everyone and best friend of few.
All this was possible because whenever he felt demotivated, the expectations of people kept him on the right track.

While there in ATC, his brother used to ask about his position among the class, and when he would say “among top 5” or “among top 10”, his brother would counter-question that what makes other students stand first in the class, and this question he could never answer.

When he was in the first year, he heard about his father’s death. It was Maghrib time or just before Maghrib. Thinking that he could not reach his father’s funeral and see his face the last time, he sat quietly in his room. But then his fellows made his mind and helped him to depart as soon as possible so that he could reach tomorrow. So, he departed, but the events turned against him and he was being late, so he allowed those who were waiting for him to reach so that his father could be given his place in the grave timely. So, when he reached home, his father was resting in the graveyard and hence he could not see his face. He offered dua then, that was what he could do at that time.

Finally, he completed his 7 years at ATC and hence Intermediate with good grades.

It was all after these struggles that, he was able to apply for the best universities and Institutions of Pakistan namely, PIEAS, LUMS, Army, Air Force and lastly Sukkur IBA.

He was selected in Sukkur IBA University in THP program, which he successfully completed. He was also part of Mathematics Olympiad's final stage and was considered the best in Mathematics and English among his fellows.

In Sukkur IBA, he is now one of those who still have a 3+ GPA up to 6th semester. He is known as Allama Iqbal among his fellows because, he starts his almost all presentations with a verse of Iqbal, and sometimes explains the meaning if teacher permits.

He is known for his innovative ideas every now and then. One of which is the concept of “Self Help Network” He established this network with the aim to help himself and become a source of help for every talented student who can show his talent after joining it.

He worked as a guest writer at “Resilient Pakistanis” for a short period but could not continue due to time constraints.

He is now a writer at his own blog “ Sajid Opines” and has a fan following of 900+ on Facebook.
He aspires to attempt CSS after graduation, and become an officer of high caliber, who could serve people being at a higher position.

People still have greater expectations of him as able to attempt CSS successfully, and he too is fully committed to meet expectations successfully.

He is nonother than I myself 'Sajid Ali' or now as Resilient Sajid, who is little known in the university other than his fellows.

It is true that people’s expectations can prove fruitful or fatal, depending on the inner strength of a person. If you are strong from inside, you can do wonders even if people say negative about you.

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