Saad Habib Created An Art To Let Us Know What Our Lives Actually Mean For During Lockdown

saad habib graphics
Saad Habib
When the news of the lockdown was spread, I was somehow not worried and happy that I'll enjoy my time at home unless a picture crossed my mind. The picture possessed a reality of having two sides of the situation that will be offered by the lockdown. The mind behind this creativity is Saad Habib, that led me to ponder the scenario for a long.

Simultaneously when I was exploring the depths of the picture, a girl that used to work in our house listened to the news and asked me "baji Hamara Kiya Hoga?", I who was already withered unfortunately had no answer for her and could not do anything except lowering glances and sighing. Her innocent eyes having the longing for survival made me speechless for a while. And it's not only about her or her family, but it's also about half of the population of our country that lies below the poverty line and has to work on day to day basis to survive. For those whose regular income could not make them meet their both ends, how worst the quarantine time would deal? While most of us are enjoying our time in quarantine reading books, watching movies or having a good time with family having all kinds of resources to survive still complaining of boredom, most of the people in our country are struggling to survive and feed their families. The daily wage labors are suffering either way and staying at home makes no difference for me. The two opposites sides of life in our country and how we all ignore the other side of their lives is really saddening. Pakistan is on an explosive coronavirus trajectory and needs to take immediate steps to protect its people. The ignorance and lack of tolerance in our culture are some of the factors that have affected the huge population in our country. While many NGOs are working to help such people during this hard time still the lack of awareness has resulted in an unequal distribution of funds among them. I've seen many people around us who are unable to even fill the Rashan funds form.

The government on Monday announced paid leave for all workers during the lockdown and said no would be laid off during the period. The government also announced Rashan funds or even cash on hands, but do these funds enough to meet the needs of such a large population? There lies a large gap between announcing and having! Is there any surety that yes the needy ones are now not at loss and having their bread and butter? We might not have surety of any promises government claim, but we have one thing in our hand, the helping hand. Yes, the best we can do to them is to think about each other and become the support of each other. We must do what we can do. Being a young generation, we can create awareness about the facilities the government has announced for such people or help them fill those Rashan forms. Making ways convenient to be approached to them. Even why to wait! Take a look around you and you'll see many people longing for help and support. We can't feed all but we can at least feed and help some of them around us. While wishing to fulfill our cravings, just feel the high probability of emptiness their stomach would have!  Don’t say Hum Kia krskte hn? Your “Feel” can feed them. There is no problem if we could not eat chicken or rice daily, more beautiful is to have a relief that someone has food by you. Even consider yourself lucky that God has made you able enough to be a resource for His creatures. How much dignifying is that to share the adjective Almighty has! How satisfying it is to be chosen by Him for earning virtues in the times when He is not letting anyone even for repentance. You are literally lucky if you are able to serve your fellowmen.

Let's make most of this. A little action of ours can make a huge difference in their lives in such a difficult situation. Let's break the culture of ignorance and help those whom you can because we are not just one nation but a family surrounded by one roof and facing similar problems. Let's be the support of each other in this difficult time.

Here is the Saad Habib's art 👇

situation due to lockdown

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