Aurat March has Worsened the Image of Women Empowerment


In the name of women’s rights in an Islamic country, the campaigning of “Mera Jism Meri Mrzi” has been recently distorting the image of “Aurat March”. It should be noted that the majority of people have shifted their perspective of women empowerment because of inferring “Mera Jism Meri Mrzi” as a western trend. The recent “Aurat March” trend may be now considered as western agenda because  “Aurat March” these years is playing the worst role on media, women coming outside their homes, showing cards and writing whatever the illogical and unjustified statements they want to seem to have worsened the image of “Women Empowerment”. This has not, in fact, portrayed a positive image of social activist women in our society. Besides, neglecting the premises of culture and religion, women participating in the modern trend of so-called “Aurat March” where they come outside and do strikes like the western women seem to have already lost their religious and cultural identity because this might not be an accurate way to defending rights in a country like Pakistan. Now, this year women claim for wanting freedom of their rights by repeating the same pattern of the campaign as they did last year. After the recent conflict between feminist Marvi Sarmad and Khalil Ur Rehman, the writer and dramatist, Twitter is flooded with “Mera Jism Meri Mrzi” for showing support to Marvi Sarmad. The feminist “Marvi Sarmad” explicitly expands the definition of “Mera Jism Meri Mrzi” on a news channel where she expresses “It is a woman’s choice whether she wants to let her husband touch or not, It is a woman’s autonomy whether she wants to be in relationship with her husband or not”. These sentences depict that this lady wants freedom from marriage. This "Meri Jism Meri Mrzi" statement makes abortion and prostitution legal as per the majorities’ interpretation. What is the purpose of marriage then? Feminists like her who promote feminism in this manner are slowly poisoning our society and encouraging young girls to be autonomous in such a way as if they don’t want to get married and won’t be the women with responsibilities. “Aurat March” that is shown on social media, women roaming in streets might not make a big difference to the lives of real deprived women but soon it will spoil the concept of “Feminism” by increasing the conflicts between misogynists and misanthropes. There should be pieces of training on how a woman should defend herself legally and how to fight for the rights that are in favor of upcoming generations rather than roaring in streets that have not even made any positive influence to the slumbered society

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