Ahtiyat CORONA, Ghar Pai Raho Na

coronavirus in pakistan

Remember how you would daydream about staying home and watching movies all day? Surfing the internet and websites? Playing games on mobile? Leaning French? Learning how to cook? Finishing that novel? Now that you have the opportunity to do so, why not comply? I do understand that it can be difficult to not go out, hang out with friends, go to your favorite hangout spot, but now more than ever we need to be responsible. It’s just a matter of days that decides our fate as a nation. If we isolate ourselves now we will be able to avoid a crazy spike in cases and deaths. If not… God forbid we will be headed towards an Italy like situation. Ask yourself, would you rather practice some self-discipline now or face complete economic, social and political breakdown later?

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I understand that it's hard to stay home and not go out, but please understand that this is a now or never situation. In the next couple of days if we control the spike we might be able to maintain it better. Otherwise, we will be going towards an Iran-type situation and based on our economic condition, it will be total devastation.

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I've heard people say“oh, I don’t mind if I got the virus, I’m young, I'm strong, I’ll recover, I’m gonna go out” in time like these, please remember. it's NOT ABOUT YOU. It's about the vulnerable, exposed population and your loved ones that will be at risk because of you! Stay home to protect the elderly, the immunocompromised and the poor who have no option but to go out and earn.

Yeah sb kuchh houga, agar hum rahe tou. Hamari sehat nai ijazat dee tou. Apna aur hum SAB Ka khayal karen. Barah e karam ghhar pe rahen..

وہ تعفن ہے کہ اس بار زمین کے باسی,
اپنے سجدوں سے گئے, رزق کمانے سے گئے.
دل تو پہلے ہی جدا تھے یہاں بستی والو,
کیا قیامت ہے اب ہاتھ ملانے سے گئے!

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