A Cricket Fan Share The Memories of Receiving The World Champion of World cup 1992

1992... receiving the victorious team returning home after winning the World Cup!! 😀

One of the craziest things that we (my female cousins and I, and one male cousin) did was when the World Champion team in 1992 returned to Lahore, was to go and receive them. We knew that they were going from the airport to Data Darbar, so we parked our car along the route opposite the Fortress Stadium.

It was Ramzan and a “taak raat”, we opened our rozas in the car, said our namaz on the roadside and literally did our “tasbeehs” and “ibadat” while waiting.

We sat from 5.30 in the evening till 11.30 at night when their cavalcade finally made it to where we were! When we saw their open-topped vehicle from a distance (it was a truck I guess!) the crowd started cheering wildly and we rushed out of our car to stand in front of it on the roadside to get a better view. However, by the time the team’s vehicle reached close to us, the frenzy had overtaken us all and we had climbed onto the bonnet of the car and were jumping up and down, and cheering and shouting hysterically!

As luck would have it, we were the only car full of girls along with another one right next to us in a massive crowd full of only boys and men, so the whole team turned towards us and waved back at our frantic waves to them … needless to say, our cheap thrill was complete and it was all so worth it!!

There was Imran of course in the front and the white guy you see is Wasim Akram, and I remember Rameez, but not Inzi, unfortunately 😞 ... aur nahin yaad.

This story was share by Huma Shah in Cornered Tiger facebook group

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