22 Countries Have Closed the Schools Due to Coronavirus


The educational disturbance due to Coronavirus has increased because the virus has reached deeper into daily life across the world. A few weeks ago, China was the only country to suspend classes. But due to the quick spread of the virus, 22 countries have announced school closure of varying degrees. A huge number of students are out of school in the countries including Pakistan, France, Japan, Iran and elsewhere. Italy has suffered one of the deadliest outbreaks outside China despite tough measures including quarantine of 11 towns with 50,000 people and the situation seems to be out of control till now. A handful of city private school and government schools shuttered temporarily in light of potential coronavirus exposures. Iran, which has suffered the death of 92 people till now, has suspended many cultural and sporting event and many schools have been shut down. South Korea has postponed the start of the current term until March 23. In Japan, schools are closed and classes are cancelled through March and spring break. Saudi Arabia has suspended the year-round umrah and unprecedented move that raises uncertainties over Hajj. Israel has also extended it's quarantine measures. In Pakistan, the condition is similar. Schools in Sindh have been directed to remain closed till March 13 and in Balochistan till March 15. Pakistan has so far observed only 5 cases of coronavirus, three of them involving people who had travelled to Iran. Condition in Pakistan seems to be stable but the government's decision to shut down schools aims at preventing the virus to spread across the cities.

More than 95000 people are infected and 3200 have died because of the virus worldwide. Almost  300 million children are out of school due to this emergency situation. According to the UNESCO chief Audrey Azoulay, the global scale and speed of education disruption is unparalleled and if prolonged, could threaten the right to education. The governments across the countries are scrambling to tighten prevention efforts which include month-long Nationwide ban on attendance at events, shutting down of schools,  advising people to wear masks and avoid travelling to crowded places and avoiding skin contacts like shaking hands.

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