This Type of Love is Indispensable for all of us and is Innate, Lets Check Whether You Possess or Not

love for mother tongue

There lie many types of love in the world. Some people love the swapping of suffocated sunny days with that of breezy nights, some finds love in the way their beloveds breath, some searches it in their pet animals and in other beings. It does not end here, love also resides in books, in colors at the canvas, in the smile of a child and in the drop of rain. It continues to be in the warming lap of mother, in the relaxing hug of the father, in the teasing of brother, in the caring of a sister, in the leniency of grandparents, in the blunders of cousin and much more. Within these given instances, few forms of love are indispensable and innate in humans. 

Love for mother tongue is one of such forms that has deepened roots in humans. It does not mean we keep writing a particular language or defending it as the best one. The love for mother tongue conveys by its speakers promoting and preferring it, by the proud, its people feel while communicating in it, by opting it as the only medium of expression related to the heart, by singing the folk songs in the world full of pop……. So me. I am Pakistani, belong to Sukkur, Sindh. My mother tongue is Urdu and I love it. I use this more frequently than any other tongue. Poetry is one of the main genres, I keep on exploring as I find Urdu poetry very much satisfying for my emotions and thoughts.

So this post is for my all followers, do tell in comments your country, your mother tongue and your favorite reason or any respective poetry..

Mine is:

ہمیں شوق اذیت ہے وگرنہ اس زمانے میں, 
تیری یادیں بھلانے کو بہت سامان رکھا ہے..

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