Father of Four Commit Suicide due to Poverty and Joblessness

father of four commit suicide

Economic hardships and inability to fulfill the basic needs of life has been killing many innocent lives since long. It makes a man so helpless and incapable that suicide seems the only option left for him. Suicide is the 15th leading cause of death worldwide, with over 75% of suicides occurring in low-income and middle income countries. Growing economic pressures could push the suicide figure even higher in the South Asian nation where over one in five people live below the international poverty line of $1 a day.  Pakistan is one of them being in its developing stage. Suicide linked to poverty is not unique to Pakistan. Between 15 to 35 people end their lives in Pakistan every day and it's evident from the data generated by the ministry of law, justice and human rights that 50% of suicides are committed due to poverty and economic hardships. 

Pakistan has seen such cases where the fluctuations in the economy has been affecting many lives and the new year brought with it such more cases. Recently a middle aged man committed suicide in Karachi due to financial constraints. As per the police reports, the deceased was was a resident of Ibrahim hyderi and had four children. He was a junk dealer and ran a donkey cart. He set himself on fire by sprinkling kerosene oil over his body and sustained 64% burns. He died on Tuesday morning during his treatment at Dr Ruth pfau Civil hospital Karachi. He recorded his statement before a police officer after being admitted in hospital on Wednesday in which he explained the reason to end his life was poverty and joblessness. A letter was also also found from his pocket in which he was appealing PM Imran Khan for financial assistance and job.

 Hina Naz

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