Tomato, Onion Prices Are Going Beyond The Common Man's Reach

Tomato onion price in karachi

The common man has been suffering from a high inflation rate since long.  The inflation rates have been hovering at a high level for almost a year now. Rising prices of domestic food, manufactured goods and fuel are a few reasons why inflation has been so high. No wonder that the common man has been at the receiving end of the effects of inflation like never before. While the elite class is totally unaware of the struggles a common man faces during this time of inflation. 

Tomato, onion prices are going beyond the common man's reach. Tomatoes prices have shaken the costumers. Last week, the tomato was selling at Rs80-120 per kg while capsicum and green chilli were available at Rs160 per kg. As per recent reports, tomato price in Karachi is around Rs 240 per kg. The people who are responsible for the control and management of the country's economic conditions and inflation rates are totally unaware of such rises in the prices of consumption goods. The Advisor to PM on Finance Dr Hafeez Sheikh, who was completely unaware of increasing vegetable prices said that the current prices were being shown on TV. According to him, per kg tomato in Karachi is available at Rs 17 at the market. He was completely unaware of the high prices of vegetables. As per him, people who were telling extra prices were lying. According to statistical reports, the official price of tomato is Rs 85 per kg but governments in Sindh and Punjab have failed to check the prices.

Twitter stews Hafeez Sheikh over tomato price comment. Dr sheikh's comment went viral on Twitter and has received heavy flak and a petition has started to replace tomatoes with Dr Hafeez Shaikh in the handi. His comments have about the tomato prices have generated controversy particularly since the price of tomato in Karachi reached its highest ever marks over the past few days

Hina Naz

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