Empathy in Business & Entrepreneurship

Empathy in business and entrepreneurship

Can you stop for a moment and think about a situation when you felt exalted upon the remarks of your fellow who said, 

“I understand your concern and that is why I am helping you this way.” 

Let suppose you belong to a financially secure family, but your very best friend belongs to a financially deprived family, how did you develop that friendship? Probably you have come to your friend’s level meaning you adopted a living which your best friend could afford, or you have made your best friend live what you could afford. Now think for a moment about the reaction of Pakistani people on Prince William and Kate’s visit to Pakistan. Weren’t people excited? Yes, because His & Her excellency came to our level meaning they adopted our culture.

When we talk about empathy, we mean the art of thinking and feeling like others around us. In other words, the art of thinking and feeling at a level of concerned people. A good example can be observed from the politicians’ mass gatherings. They adopt a look of local people whom they are addressing so as to capture their attention. Another example can be taken from the film industry. The moment we are watching an actor/actress in a drama or film, we do not see them as who they really are, rather we see them as the character they are playing. Just as in 3 Idiots, we saw Aamir Khan as Rancho and not as Aamir Khan. If you can sense what others feel and think and treat them as they are, you are really and empathic person.

The power of being empathic can not be denied by anyone even by businesses. In fact, businesses are focusing on empathy these days. They are constantly advertising their products and services as a solution to a problem being faced by common people. If you have not observed this up till now, go and watch a few ads. Any business promoting their products as their unique invention or something like that and not focusing on what people might get will ultimately suffer. Until and unless your business does not care about people’s preferences and their problems, you will not get much in profits. Recall a moment when you had a problem and you called the customer care center and you got a response which was not solving your problem, how did you feel that moment? Disgusting, most probably.

If you are an entrepreneur, empathy will come to your rescue. If you don’t know who an entrepreneur is just read it here, Entrepreneur & Entrepreneurial mindset. To invent or generate an idea, which will develop into a successful business, you need to be an empathic person. Because unless you don’t know what people think and feel and what problems they face, how can you generate an idea or invent something which will be for people? Unless you are not an empathic person, how can your entrepreneurial mindset think for people? Therefore, it is necessary for an entrepreneur and an entrepreneurial mindset to place oneself at the level of others around you and create value for them.

Even if you are not a businessman or an entrepreneur, empathy will still mean for you. Empathy is such a powerful tool that can help you inspire people. When people get inspiration from you, they start following you. And when you become an empathic leader of that group, you are almost a spiritual god. Try this empathy in your friends’ circle, and you will feel the difference. The very fact of human psychology that ‘everyone wants to feel superior’ can be accomplished through empathy. 

When you let people feel that you are respecting them and that they are really important, they will return this respect and importance to you.

Now that we have discussed it through different angles, we need to know how to develop empathy. 

Following are few advises which you may consider,

  • Develop a habit of observation, so that you understand people deeply.
  • Start listening more and talk rarely except that you have a more strong and valid point.
  • Make people feel important and respected around you.
  • Try thinking from diverse angles.

You may also find many interesting ways to develop empathy through your thinking and research.

All in all, empathic behavior is important in all senses, whether it is business, entrepreneurship, or your daily life. Try to develop it and see the magic. It always stands true.

Sajid Ali

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