Pakistan to Export JF-17 Thunders

pakistan to export jf17 thunders

Pakistan has become the center of attention in the international market and is making immense progress in manufacturing defense products, the country has great potential to manufacture and introduce defense products worldwide. Pakistan has exported 80 super mashshak aircraft in the last 5 years and exported about 100 locally assembled aircrafts in 2017.  If we keep working on it with more enthusiasm and effort, Pakistan's defense products, especially the aircrafts can be getting international recognition and it could be helpful to increase the country 's dwindling exports.

Recently, Pakistan is aiming to export JF-17 thunder fighter jets to 4 countries. Pakistan Aeronautical Complex official disclosed this news while attending the Defence Services Asia 2018 exhibition in Kuala Lumpur.

Air Marshall, Shahid latif is the founder of JF-17 thunder. The country will export these aircraft to India’s neighborhood and among New Delhi’s traditional defense partners in Africa. These batches of JF-17 are built with Chinese assistance and will be sold to Myanmar and Nigeria. Pakistan has also planned to increase the production of tanks and other hardware with the help of China. Myanmar has already purchased 4 thunder jets through Chinese assistance. Pakistan has also planned to export the aircraft to Malaysia and Azerbaijan. Pakistan and Malaysian governments are having primary level talks for the export of fighter aircraft. The production of the jet is divided into 3 blocks and Malaysia will be given block 3 variant of jet.

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