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pakistan national mathematics olympiad 2019

Mathematics is poetry of logical ideas

Opportunities always lie under our feet, we have to explore to make most of them. The mathematics society of Sukkur IBA university always aims to let Math talents approachable to such opportunities that are worth to seek but are not being accessed. By keeping eyes on the cardinal demands of enhanced mathematical skills around the globe and awaiting minds spreading in the country for appropriate math’s’ platform, Mathematical society struggles on playing its effective role in mirroring such opportunities to sophomores.

In order to harness Math talent in the country Mathematics society of Sukkur IBA University is putting its tireless services by organizing National level Mathematics competition. The series of successful National level Mathematics competition include National Mathematics Olympiad 2016, Pakistan National Mathematics Olympiad 2018, National Calculus contest 2019.
Following its manifesto, this time Mathematics society of Sukkur IBA university announces PAKISTAN NATIONAL MATHEMATICS OLYMPIAD -2019. The competition will be held on 11-12-13 of November at Sukkur IBA University. PAKISTAN NATIONAL MATHEMATICS OLYMPIAD -2019 is a team-based competition. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The event asks college students and undergraduates who are in 1 year of their university as the candidates and participants
  • The competition will take place in team form
  • The team will be comprised of 3 members
  • Maximum 2 guest teams will be welcomed per college or university
  • Registration fee is Rs 1000/= per team (for IBAians) and Rs 1500 for external teams
  • Registrations are appreciated till 28th of October

This event comprises of 2 rounds.
1st round intra university competition will occur among IBA students, to qualify for the 2nd round. Top 3 teams of intra university event (for IBAians) will be awarded 9000/, 7000/ and 5000/ respectively for the winner, 1st and 2nd runner up.
The 2nd round will be among the students coming from the entire country, distributed in a maximum of 60 teams, 20 from university and 40 from college.
The winners of final rounds will be awarded Handsome prizes of 30,000, 25,000 and 20,000 respectively for winners, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up
Along with this, contents for the competition has been announced for students’ feasibility by keeping broad ranges of mathematical disciplines, including

  • quadratic equations 
  • expressions 
  • functions 
  • system of equations
  • algebra of polynomials
  • permutations and combinations
  • sequence and series
  • inequalities 
  • matrices and determinants 
  • geometry 
  • number theory and complex numbers.

NOW, SO WHAT?  this competition will widely enhance analytical, thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, decision making, time and panic management skills and strengthen such horizons on a renowned forum Moreover, PNMO’19 allows you to be recognized and praised at the National level under this authentic stage. In addition, with the embedding of confidence, it will offer you one of the appealing and diversified social interactions in the town, with the commendable brains below one roof.


Let’s get green ground and be in a hurry to grab this magnificent opportunity. The wonderful opportunity is waiting for you.

Click and apply.

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