Mental Health; As Much Cardinal As Physical Health. Do You Know That?

nutrition and stress management

Student life consists of lots of challenges. The assignments, presentations, quizzes and other similar sorts of assessments make students so hectic that they forget about their health. Hence, amidst all the academics the health seems the distant priority and trivial matter to students. Talking about health then it’s not merely physical health that gets affected but mental health as well. In this regard for both kinds of health, nutrition and stress carry wide impacts. The carelessness towards nutrition and failing to cope up with stress leads students towards other severe issues. In order to address this issue, the Go Green society at Sukkur IBA University had organized an awareness seminar to equip students with relevant information and strategies to carry off these obstacles commonly arising in everyone’s path.

The awareness seminar consisted of two parts. One of its part was about “Nutrition”. This part was discussed by SHIREEN BHATTI who is a lecturer at Sukkur IBA University. Miss Shireen talked about proper nutrition along with making attendants critic that what we are eating is proper for our health or not? Her talk was centered on nutrients which included fats, cholesterol, carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. She deeply discussed different types of these nutrients and the ideal range of the overtake of these nutrients. Her presentation was later followed by highlighting various kinds of diseases that can be caused due to being careless towards nutrition particularly not taking the above-mentioned nutrients properly in the ideal range. 

Another part of the seminar was based on “Stress”. Stress is one of the leading causes of “depression” which triggers other mental problems. Hence, coping with stress is essential to safeguard ourselves from other extreme mental disorders. Thus, this domain was deeply discussed by Naima Aslam Khan who is a lecturer at Sukkur IBA University. Her presentation composed of briefing regarding stress, its types and how it influences our life. She added that Stress is not always bad at all. It can be beneficial to improve performance and efficiency conditioned to its moderate level. Likewise, it can also bring many side effects and ultimately decrease productivity in the situation of severe stress. Together with this, she also notified about its symptoms and shared suggested strategies to cope up with stress.

Undoubtedly, nutrition and stress possess wide implications on our health and on life overall. Being ignorant and avoidant towards these issues can harm us in various ways counting health, academics and whatnot. Therefore, institutes should be responsible to educate students on such themes along with teaching curriculum.  We also should be as conscious of our health as towards academics because if health is well then everything is well.

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