Electric Bikes Production Start in Pakistan

electronic bike in pakistan

In the world of developing countries, Pakistan is making impressive improvements. From making robotics equipment for the empowerment of man to making Electronic Bikes for facilitating nature the talented is leading on the right track. 

One more milestone achieved by Pakistanis making in an electrifying future is the design of Electric Bike. E-bikes are passing from the phase of development in the Sahiwal Plant. E-bikes are designed by AUJ technology. The CEO of AUJ technologies, Usman Shaikh briefed the media about the E-bikes and highlighted the competency of AUJ technologies as being the first-ever assembler of E-bikes in Pakistan with their own designed solutions.

Although the design of the bike is the same as Honda due to the ready availability of auto parts in Pakistan. However, if one wishes to get kit fitted then a ratter fitting solution is available for already existing bikes.

The salient features of bikes include its range of 70 kilometers plus the overnight charge of around 5 hours. The best part of this bike is that you can save one-fourth of the cost. Currently, the cost of this bike is 88,000.

This bike is not only cost-saving but energy saving too. Neither gear nor kick is required to turn it on. All you just need is to insert the key and ride. Together with this, it is economic friendly too. It leaves no smoking as it does not absorb Mobil oil. Hence, it can give you a pollution-free ride which holds no noise too. Thus, it is entitled as a green technology. 

In the larger aspects, E-bikes will be a good contribution and benefit to National Economy as it also convenient and creates a win-win situation for both human and nature

Nimirta Wadhwani

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