DICEVIC'19 Merely an Event or a Memorandum ? Let's See


The journey from merely a raw thought to the holistic implementation and presentation of certain idea needs many background conditionings; to be completed. These factors or conditionings might be witnessed as “unsung heroes” , yet lay the foundation towards an inspiring destination. An effective platform OR the appropriate opportunity is one of such heroes. These are the platforms that shuffle the worth of ideas and alter the coal into diamond via particular grooming. Revolutionary analysts regard such platforms “Dreamlands” on the earth, where the seeds of innovation and imagination are sown to be turned into the “real” and fruitful plants, contributing greatly to bring the revolution at large scale. DICEVIC’19 and Sukkur Institute of Business and Administration University are one of those opportunities that are cultivating the creative thoughts into real life exemplary by introducing and promoting “ENTREPRENEUR  CULTURE” in local, national and international markets in accordingly.

SIBAU in collaboration with DICE organized the event on 27th October 2019 , at SIBAU’s auditorium, with full swing in the above-mentioned regards. The event mainly comprised of the final round of the DICEVIC’19 including AD war and Business plan presentation respectively. The final round was the following pattern of other rounds that were done before the main event i.e. submission of 30 second AD, one-pager description of an innovative idea and the Business plan . There seemed the abundance of enthusiastic participants from different disciplines, who themselves were eradicating the “Business Taboo” from this particular event and remarked that for all. The same cited notions were highlighted by the honorable Head of Business Department, Sir NIAZ BHUTTO and the director of this DICEVIC’19, Sir IKHTIAR AHMED KHOSO. They both inaugurated the event and aimed to prevail in this entrepreneurship culture to its peak in their welcome addresses. After their permission, event flowed by the 1st phase of Ad WAR. The Ad war was evaluated by the active panel of Judges, that were either the contributors to this field or the products. What a mind-blogging competition it was! One theme and 117 Ads of distinct areas, confronting with multiple concerned issues so ironically, that made it commendable at all, WAO. It did not ends here, in addition with such versatility the way panelists were asking questions and keenly assessing the videos, showed their competencies, but the dealing, answering and tackling of certain questions by the students, also made them appeared the active sophomores, compelled and sincere to the agendas of embedding this innovative culture. The Ads were evaluating the parameters of time given, theme relativity, proper issue showcasing along with formal and informal communication. Moreover, 71 Business plans also came on the map in this event.

Respectable Director of Entrepreneurship and DICE at SIBAU, IKHTIAR KHOSO, while discussing the event, assured the future of this culture much brighter than what presently it is. He although accepted that actual curtains of innovations have not disclosed before their students yet he was too optimistic that participants diligently and intellectually wired themselves that was itself the gesture of engrossing of these cultures.  He also revealed the factors that were diminishing the rate of students towards entrepreneurship rather to an academic career and why they keep this at their 3rd choice. Family, peer and societal pressure were all in all to it. He concluded his sayings by aiming to aware people thoroughly in this concern and to habitual this culture to the school level too.

DICEVIC’19, with its all colors and objectives were the rays of hope for such a magnificent future that we will be after this dilemmatic situations in certain fields. It was not a day or the event, it was the memorandum, the promise to ourselves and others to break the monotony and promote innovation in our education system, the promise to contribute at each level to the county’s betterment, promise to be sincere with our roles in our disciplines, promise to avail such platforms and creating for others too.YES, It was not a one-day event, it was the chain that will go ahead and will keep molding and shaping the ideas into real-life implementations.

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