All You Need to Know About DICE VIC

Dice Vic Pakistan 2019

The birth of everything hinges on the way as it is thought. Thus, the credit to every revolution goes to its IDEA. By keeping this aspect in practice, the pace of the world’s progress is readily changing. It is not merely a claim but having strong historical pieces of evidence in the form of many commendable discoveries and inventions. The driving force which shifted human being from hunters and gathers to creative and civilized clans were these “ideas”. All beings are bestowed with this potential without any discrimination. Hence, many organizations and institutes are on this vision of creating favorable scenarios and offering platform which are helping in grooming and enhancing this potential. DICE; Distinguished innovations, collaboration, and entrepreneurship;  is one of such enlisted organizations playing its distinct role in this regard.

Although, DICE sounds ambiguous and peculiar yet containing clear and enriched motto, “Fostering innovative culture and socio-economic development”. DICE is a USA based organization, prospering its network across many borders and nations. Being inspired by the manifesto of DICE, Pakistan tended to embed this innovative culture into its generations by welcoming this organization via its educational institutes. Presently, DICE VIC has been practicing into more than 40 institutes in different regions of Pakistan since 2007.

Sukkur IBA University is one of these institutes that are not only holding the vision of DICE but also successfully implementing it into its students since 2016. Like the other 3 years, this year also SIBAU comes with the provision of globally accepted platform welcoming the individuals with innovation on 27th October 2019. It’s a team-based competition where each team comprises of maximum 5 members, asks to submit their most innovative project from various disciplines including Managing sciences, IT, Engineering, Education and Mathematics. This entire program occurs in different stages. First and foremost, the team is required to submit their innovative idea in the one-page project description, followed by advertisement and business plan and in last presenting it in front of the jury.  The projects with the most appreciated and influencing notions towards benefitting the economy will be supported with financial terms to align them into actions.

The innovative frameworks arising from smaller scale are brought to a larger impact with the help of DICE VIC. If, universities like IBA keep on organizing such programs the sustainability of the national economy won’t be a dream rather it will be ensured.

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