What Will be The Effect of Closure of Pakistani Airspace For India ?

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The relationship between Pakistan and India have never been stable and peaceful. Both countries are mostly on controversies and opponent opinions. Their thoughts are never adjoined and disputes have always created differences.

 Majority of the times, “Kashmir” is the back bone of these disputes. Kashmir issue is as old as Pakistan. This historical dispute on Kashmir is carried out from the time of independence. This time as well, from the day of scrapping article 370 and appliance of curfew on Kashmir; the ties between both countries has become so severe. The brutal behavior of Indian Army on the people of Kashmir valley and the violation of human rights has made Pakistan to take some serious steps.

Recently, Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudary, revealed that Prime Minister Imran Khan is considering a complete closure of Pakistan’s airspace to India while banning the land routes for Indian trade to Afghanistan as well. Though it’s not the first time that Pakistan is closing space for India, prior to this, many time before this step is taken place for different time periods.
Although, its sounds a tactic of taking revenge from India, because in case of closure of airspace India will have to take longer rote. That will not only take flights more time (almost 70 to 80 minutes) but also would increase the fuel usage leading to increase in the fare of airlines.

Presently, 11 air route are under the use of Indian flights. At least 50 flights of Air India use Pakistan’s airspace for operations. During the last partial airspace closure, at least 113 flights had to take longer route. Together with this, most of the Indian flights bound for the Western regions of the world use Pakistan’s air routes. Thus, in the case of banning Indian flights, the flight operations going towards India, Middle East, Europe and America will suffer. In the last ban Air India suffered a loss of INR 5.48 billion, and that was during the partial time. Now, estimate the loss which India will have to bear if the air space is banned completely.
No doubt! Loss on India’s side is retaliation, but this deal is also not favorable for Pakistan. Pakistan would also have to bear loss. Pakistan will bear the loss because it will not be receiving the overflying fess for letting India use its airspace. The overflying fess is one of the effective ways of earning foreign exchange. That’s another case that loss for Pakistan will be lesser than India approximately; half of India’s, but loss is loss.

Pakistan’s this step of closure of airspace for India may cause India to take similar step of banning its airspace for Pakistan. This closure from India will lead Pakistani flights to take longer routes and increase in fares towards Eastern regions. Moreover, according to BBC report the ban on Afghanistan routes has made many Pakistani drivers jobless.

Thus, the step of banning will cause the disturbance in the economy of both countries along with leaving many bread owners unwaged

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