Renowned Universities Passed Strict Order of Separation of Boys and Girls

Most of the universities face the issues on gender segregation and universities are struggling with the ethical dilemma of how far they can or should intervene to prevent disturbance caused by such situations. It highly affects the universities equality and diversity policies and most of the universities are stuck in whether such segregation is right or wrong. Pakistan being a Islamic state, many people support such segregations in universities, Islamic law, customs and traditions require separation of boys and girls in social and other settings, the objective of the restrictions is to keep such interaction at a modest level. Yet many people go against it due to changes in recent trends and  cultural shifts. The Era we are living in and the people we are surrounded with are modernized and want to move along with the developing world which requires them to reduce such segregation and differences between the genders.

Recently Bahria university university ordered gender segregation on campus. The management of the university ordered teachers and staff to ensure that male and female students sit separately and avoid formation of groups for academic work with both male and women female students. They have also decided to reduce break time to minimize the interaction of students. The administration also wants to reduce the movement of students from one building to another and decided to increase the work load of students. The notification is spread wide across social media and it is largely opposed by the people. These policies of university are considered biased by masses. The same happened with the University of Engineering and technology lahore (UET) when the administration decided gender segregation. According to a notification signed by the Deputy Registrar at UET Lahore, the university directed the administration to make separate sitting arrangements for male and female students in the cafeteria. The university had decided to withdraw the notification amid widespread outrage. These policies are already widely implemented in most universities across Pakistan. Many universities have also specified the dress code for both male and female students. It is still on clear whether such policies will be implemented or not and for which campuses of Bahariya University these policies are designed.

Hina Naz

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