Pakistani Engineer has Created a Robotic Arm That Is Controlled By Brain

pakistani enginer has created a robotic arm that is control by brain

Being disable causes certain limitation to do many things. For example not being able to see makes entire world dark likewise, not being able to move feels like the stand stillness of world and so on. But In this 21st century technology is helping in eradicating the boundaries of limitations, its making miracles by its innovation. The modernity which technology has brought has solved many pathetic issues of human history which were never been hoped to get solved. It has made human life at ease so unimaginably. 
The field of Robotics and Biotechnology has just not molded artificial humans but it has also aware humans to use artificiality to fill the gap of natural disability. 

In this concern, Pakistani engineers Mohamamd Awais and Anas Nazir have developed a robotic arm. They have designed this arm based on the natural principle of working arm. The arm works on the electrical signals sent by neurons from brain. Following the same principle, this robotic arm is also controlled fully by brain. They have installed the sensors on the part of body from where neurons transmits signals to other parts of arm enabling it to move, hold and perform other respective tasks. 

As per reported by DAWN News, these guys took this assignment of making robotic arm as their University project. Now, they are working on bionic-based lower limbs and exoskeletons.  
More power to these guys for their future endeavors.

Moreover, more work is being done by engineers, computer scientists, biomedical engineers and other concerned people to introduce pathetic limbs (artificial devices) at an affordable price.
We are hopeful that in coming time technology will be used creatively and productively to solve other issues of human life too.

Nimirta Wadhwani

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