Pakistan Govt Launches its Own Mineral Water with Price Tag of RS 1 Per Litre

Mineral water Introduce by govt

Since the time Pakistan-Tahreek-e-insaf has taken the charge of country, they are trying to save money in every possible way as they can. From not using the prime minister house to travelling in commercial flights PTI have inspired us to believe in adopting simplicity yet saving money. 

A recent addition in saving money is done by the Ministry of Science and Technology by introducing its own Mineral Water with Price tag of Re.1 per liter which is quite amazingly low price per liter. According to details, the project is started as a pilot for now and the state produced water bottles will initially be available for Government offices only. 

safe drinking waterThese mineral bottles are named as “Safe Drinking Water Bottles”. These bottles are cheaper alternatives for other costly mineral water bottles. The Pakistan Council of Research and Water reserves have prepared so far 500 ml bottles for the water. These bottles will be served to officials at PM Office, GHQ and Parliament House first, and then later at offices of different ministries. 

Further, it is reported by federal Minister for Science and Technology said that the step has been taken in the light of the government’s austerity measures. 

The recent steps taken by the Minister for Science and Technology i.e. planning lunar calendar for five years, announcement of sending first Pakistani to space and now introducing cheaper mineral water bottles shows a dedication of ministry towards nation’s profitability. 

Pakistani are looking forward to witness such more developmental moves by Government in coming times too.

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