Nimirta Mysterious Murder Case

nimirta chandani

I have always complaint to my parents for naming me with such uncommon and unusual name “Nimirta” which is mostly pronounced wrongly ending me with annoyance after making people correct many times, but I never thought that popularity of my name will be priced of the departed soul Dr. Nimirita Chandani. Now, a final year BDS students at Chandka Medical College Larkana. 

I do not know whether that’s similarity of names which is making me to feel for her so much or a human trait to empathize. The NEWS for her death has made me completely unfocused towards anything else along with fearsome nightmares. My family, friends and others acquaintances are asking me am I fine and doing OK? Such wave of horror these incidents inculcates and makes us to be dubious for our life and existence. 

 In this situation, I am not merely victimized but of every girl existing out there. Every girl living away from homes trusting on hostel administration for her safety and security. But who knew how these trust will be broken and take away the life of such lovely soul whose smile personifies the liveliness of her soul and her shiny eyes with filled sparkling hopes to achieve thousands of ambitious. It makes my eyes watery every time I see her pictures portraying her perfect and peaceful life. 
A case which is yet suffering from the ambiguity of either suicide or murder has put many clues and left enough evidence to be considered as murder. Together with this, the description by her family regarding her dead body and her personal life too loudly opposes and denies this act as suicide. 

As per reported by Dr. Nimirita’s brother Dr. Vihsal, Dr. Nimirita was a bold and vocal personality toward anything. She was an activist and social worker who enrolled many students in schools. She was a binding force of not just of her family, but her university colleagues too. A mature one. Then, how such happy person who gives lessons to other of happiness and living moments can snatches the life by herself. A food for thought! Dr. Vihsal has raised this questions on every forum. 

Dr. Nimirita’s case queued by Ghoki incident of blasphemy has finally made nation to be united and raise a voice, because Nimirita’s case is not related to specific ethnicity it’s a question on security of every girl. Its question of every educational institute failing at providing security. Its question on provincial government for its lack of low and order which encourages culprits. 

After a huge spreading of NEWS on social media and rallies in different cities with the hashtags of Justice for Dr. Nimirita has highlighted the case nationally resulting the formation of judiciary committee to investigate this case properly. This case is handled under the authority of SP Masood Ahmed Bangash whose past performance and services in different regions of Sindh entitles him as honest and trustworthy. People want Justice and see the culprit hanging and be killed ruthlessly. 

Moreover, we don’t want the culprit of Dr. Nimirta only we want the culprits who has rooted this mentality of crime, injustice, and no punishment. We no longer want to fight for the days and then be quiet and gather again in another case, make ralies and hashtags to justice for someone else. We no longer want our Educational places unsecured; we no longer want to lose more Dr. NImirita and Naila Rind. We no longer want series of brutal events. We are done with the enough injustice and lawlessness in the region. We want permanent solutions now; we want peace now. We want Sindh Government to be responsible and accountable now which is always remained un-careful towards the governance especially towards minorities whether that’s forced conversion, abduction of young girls or passing minorities’ right bills.

Nimirta Wadhwani 

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