Muharram ul Haram

muharram ul haram

The holy month of Muhram marks the starting of Islamic year. It is considered as the most important Islamic month and 2nd holiest month, after ramazan due to its significant importance in the Islamic history. The meaning of the word muhram is "forbidden or unpermitted" due to the reason that war was forbidden during this holy month. The sunni and the Shia are two dominant sects of Islam. The shai and sunni sects of the consider the importance of this month differently. 

Many followers of sunni sect fast on its ninth and tenth and regard Ashura as a day of respect and gratitude for the Prophet Moses but do not participate in the ritual. In the sect of sunni Muslims, the day of 10th muhram is important because Allah Almighty freed the Israelites from the Egyptian Pharoah. Prophet PBUH instructed all the Muslims in a hadith to fast during the days and it was considered as compulsory for all Muslim before the introduction of Ramadan fasts. Most of the sunni Muslims offer nafl salat prayers, recite surah ikhlas and deliver the entire dua e Ashura to show gratitude to Allah for liberating the Israelites. Many sunnis also participate in the Shia led events to bring the sects together. 

The Shia Muslim have different rituals for this month which includes putting on black cloths and mourning the death of Imam Hussain and his family on this day of sorrow. They arrange "niaz" in respect of their sacrifice and pray in abundance as well as refrain from all joyous events. For the martyred grandson of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), Imam Hussain ibn Ali (as), the shia Muslims mourn and refrain from the public displays of happiness prior to the 10 days of Muhram. During the 10 days of ashura, most of the Shia scholars and imams deliver religious lectures known as "majlis" covering the history of this Islamic month and on the 10th day of Muhram, many shias show their love and respect for Imam Hussain ibn Ali (as) by reciting spiritual poems called as nohas. These poems and religious hymns mainly talk about the battle of karbala. Ashura is public holiday so many shias walk in procession, carrying flags, banners, ornaments and symbols related to Imam Hussain (as) such as "Alam" and the horse "zuljanah", in order to show their sorrow during these days. Many shais also participate in charitable events like blood drives and food distributions.

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