KP Assembly Adopts Resolution to Have Psychologists In School and Colleges

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Pakistani educational environment lack the proper counseling and guiding the students which results in psychological and behavioral issues like drug abuse and suicide attempts in students. Providing psychologists in school help the students in many ways, which includes helping the children with emotional, social and academic issues. School psychologist are the type of psychologist that work within educational system to help students in dealing many academic problems and difficulties and social pressures. The goal of school psychology is to collaborate with students, parents and teachers to promote healthy learning environment. School psychology has been the concern of western areas in order to develop understanding of students and enhance their mental abilities. National association of school psychology of America was  formed in 1968, in order promote a healthy learning environment that focuses on the needs of children. Pakistan hasn't worked on it since long as there is hardly any investment in the sector of social justice and every school needs a psychologist for student counseling. According to human rights lawyer Zia Ahmed Awan, who is also the president of Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid, there are several laws but the majority of them lack implementation. He said there is a lack of sensitization about the children rights in the institutions directly related to children, especially schools, hospitals, juvenile courts and concerned government agencies and departments. Our provinces lack the mechanism regarding children related issues and there is a need to devise a comprehensive mechanism that could be applied to the center and all provinces.

Recently the MPA of tahreek-e-insan, Ayesha bano presented a resolution in khyber pukhtunkhwa assembly for providing psychologists in schools and colleges and it is passed with majority approval. According to this resolution, psychologist will be included as faculty in schools and colleges to deal with the emotional and behavioral needs of the students. It is beneficial for both students and teachers in many ways as it will provide proper guidance and counseling to the students and it would help them in dealing with the societal pressure. It would also be helpful to enhance teacher's ability to teach. The resolution demands that the province’s schools charging Rs. 5000 or more in fees should appoint a permanent psychologist for students; whereas, schools charging less should at least arrange a weekly session.

Hina Naz

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