Hunain Got Beaten to Death By His Teacher - Justice For Hunain

hunain bilal - a matric class student

Teachers are the most influential people of the society and are regarded as the catalyst for success and development of any nation. They are considered as the pillars of modern society where they Impart knowledge and wisdom, they are the backbone of every successful nation. Due to this high rank and importance of teachers in our society, a trust relationship is built between the teachers and parents of the students and school becomes the safest place for parents to send their children, to become the best people for the society, to learn, to grow, to become the successful and responsible individuals, to bloom like a delicate flower spreading its fragrance all across. Everything begins from school: our knowledge, competences, self development, maturation, wisdom and so on. We tend to live for school, and school decides our future. But what if the trust relationship breaks and the teachers and school turn out to be brutal for your child? Education is supposed to make us good people but what if it snatches humanity?

This is what happened to a adolescent boy studying at a private school in gulsahn-e-ravi. Hafiz hunain Bilal, a 10th grader brutally beaten to death by his teacher for not memorizing his lessons. This is where the trust of a parent was shattered into thousand of unmanageable pieces and the real face of this so-called developed nation was revealed. Each year, hundreds of thousands of students are subjected to corporal punishment in private schools and are prone to physical and mental sickness. This is the worst case of school corporal punishment so far. This happens when the teachers consider perfection as a sign of superiority not knowing that every mind is different, everyone is good at different things. They doubt the abilities of a student without considering all kinds of situations students face. This is the point where desciplane fails, it becomes destructive and ineffective in producing educational environments in which students can thrive. We blame our circumstances in such kind of situations and end up doing nothing at all. This is the point where great focus is required on changing the system of education we trust on. None of the case of school corporal punishment has proved to be effective for the students. Strict and hurting physical punishments do not improve students' in-school behavior or academic development.  In fact, one current research found that in schools where corporal punishment is frequently used, schools have performed worse academically than those in the school that prohibit corporal punishment. It requires all of us to stand up and raise our voices to bring the actual changes in the society so that no more innocent lives would be snatched. It requires our immense focus to develop certain policies that prohibit such kind of brutally in such delicate institutes. And any teachers or the responsible schools going against such policies  should be subject to severe punishment.

Hina Naz

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