Here's How 7 Missing Children Were Recovered Using Truck Art

truck art use to find missing person

Pakistan is culturally rich country. One of the prominent hallmarks of Pakistani Culture is “Art”. The artistic influencers are majorly found in Pakistani culture. What makes Pakistani art more appreciating is not merely its preservation in books, monuments or museums, but its showcase on city walls, vehicles and on other similar things. Among these all things, Pakistani truck art possess a dazzling and exuberant artistry that is unmatchable to any vehicle in the country. Nowadays, the new wave of decorating trucks with the portraits of missing children have helped in recovering many lost children. 

Pakistan is counted in unsecured countries. The news of everyday declares the child kidnapping, abusing, and trafficking so commonly that now we are used to listen without much bother than a little grief. But there also exist some people who really strives hard to recover these missing little flowers who are in their way of blossom. 

One of such efforts to recover missing children was taken by Berger Paints. With the help of Samar Minallah Khan, her team of truck artists, and BBDO, a campaign was designed which aimed to find missing children by painting their portraits on the backs of trucks and having those painted trucks drive across the Pakistan. 
With these joint efforts 7 missing children were recovered along with massive respect and global awards. The creative endeavor, Truckart ChildFinder has secured world's most recognizable international advertising awards, “CLIO”. At the 60th CLIO awards 2019 ChildFinder Truckart secured Golden CLIO and Silver CLIO. This is the only Gold awarded to any campaign in the MENAP region ((Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan, and Pakistan) and one of only 5 Golden awarded to Asia. 

This is how art has symbolized its significance in this technical era. In the coming time, we are expecting that art would be used smartly effectively enriching its value not only artistically but practically too. Together with this, we should also look for creative approaches and ideas to solve the issues of country.

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