Drawbacks of Using Facebook


The world of social networking is growing at an unimaginably faster rate. It's been speculated that Facebook has had a negative effect on a person's personal well being, health and morality which leads to social dysfunction. The effect of Facebook latches onto our curiosity, need for gossips, desire to find out new things about people we know and even about those we don't. When a bit more sophisticated, it may be hell-ish. Tempting, messy and manipulative people on their (new) turf add advertising, fake accounts, fake news, stalking and even bullying. 

Secondly, the detrimental effects of using Facebook on your health includes addiction, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and emotional connection on one end while eye problem, fatigue, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, lack of exercise on the other end of the chain of psycho-physical health issues. The typical behaviour of addiction is said to be leading to social malfunction and a replacement of the real world to the euphoric Facebook world. 

Besides this, using Facebook unethically by creating fake profiles and doing frauds for some petty benefits obstruct the moral development which resulted in least self-control and forgiveness followed by honesty, fairness and humility. However, a bleaker picture emerged when we see the most negative traits being prevailed in our society such as arrogance, ignorance, bad judgement and hatred. These distractions altogether emerge as social dysfunction. The rampancy and bluster is undeniable. The world is "seductive" to people, especially when or if their real lives are not going so well. Adding to the social dysfunction attribute to Facebook, the openness of the social media site is also causing problem. Because people are careless or forget to block certain messages by applying privacy, information is becoming available for wrong people by this mean and in some severe cases, leading to identity theft, chaos and family destruction(separation). Succinctly, we people are acting as a puppet having common characteristics similar to prisoners, that we write on wall, poke random people and it happens virtually in a huge cell that is painted #Blue and #White. The bottom line is that at one point of time, in order to expand social circle, we are adumbratively losing the individuality amd idiosyncrasy to something that is superficial and non-existent. There are many vital things that are necessary for survival in today's world and Facebook isn't one. To recapitulate, being a part of 21st century we are in debted to boost our social and soft skills, but not pursuing the medium whose cons overcome its pros and additionally to the wastage of valuable entity, time. In the world of social media the limited use of Facbook is quite agreeable,  yet's not the basic requirement of ensuring success and contentment in life.


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