Crazy Mob Took Hindus of Ghotki on Curfew at the Name of Blasphemy

Mob attacked in ghotki temple

15 September 2019 marks the black day for the Hindus of Pakistan. The story behind this black day rooted from a day before when a Hindu principal from district Ghotki, Sindh “Notan Lal” was accused of Blasphemy. 

As per the allegation by a 14 years old Muslim student “Principal Notan Lal talked about Muhammad P.B.U.H wrongly”. The student’s statement toke the mobbers and extremist crazy and caused vandalizing the properties of Hindus, schools and especially temple. The temple was attempted to damage with stones resulting the breakage of glassy material and some idols.

This mob toke the Hindus of the city on curfew. Hindu community was stressed, threatened and forced to remain inside the doors. Together with this, riot also reasoned of dismiss of Medical Entry Test from many aspiring medical student as the entry taste was scheduled on the same day. Furthermore, Hindu principal was pressurized to be behind the bars by himself which he did. 

These atrocities on Hindu community toke the social media on fire. The Hindu community is asking the justice of this sinful act. They are demanding gravely a strict action and the same kind of punishment for these robbers as of Hindu principal. 

The worst part of this entire situation is taking the law in their hands by mobbers. Without any kind of legal allowance, authentic evidence and poof except merely by the statement of a Muslim student of accusation of blasphemy on Hindu principal; the entire minority of Ghotki was treated criminally. Moreover, the act of damaging the temples hurted the religious sentiments of Hindus. Those stones were not solely stones on that temple but the stones on their faith and religion too. 

The appeal for the justice by the Hindu community on filing the case and against and punishing the extremists is not the retaliation rather a question marks on the key notes of Prime Minister’s in which he mentioned about the safety and equality of minorities, because if talking wrongly about someone’s religion is blasphemy then damaging the religious places is also an act of blasphemy too. 

As the result of Hindu community’s hurted appeal and considering the vandalizing of the temple as sinful act Human Rights commission of Pakistan has taken the notice of incident and filed a case of blasphemy on those rabbles too. Hindus are hopeful that this notice will be implemented and their safety and security will be ensured by the state.
Except this Ghotki incident there many others problems which raises on the name of religion, however, religion is never a problem. The problem is actually our approaches of comprehension of the religion. Neither any religion allows the wrong talk against any other religion nor the vandalizing of religious places of someone else’s religion. Every religion teaches loves respect, humanity, peace and other similar things.  Thus, Mahatma Gandi quoted 

The essence of religions is one, only their approaches are different.

Nimirta Wadhwani

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