All You Need to Know About Google History

google history

History and story of Google: Mr. All Knowing search Engine.
We are all so busy in our lives so much so that we even do not bother to know about our surroundings. We are all surrounded by technology and yet we do not know much about Mr. All knowing search engine. Yes, I am talking about Google.
Have you ever bothered to know, what is the history/Story of Google? Why is the word “Google” used for this search engine? How a search engine named “Backrub” changed to Google?
Interestingly, people have considered Google as an acronym for “Global Origination of Oriented Group Language of Earth”
Many of us mix Google with search. How many times you told your friend/relative to Google something when you meant search it? That is true. While there is no such word in English as google meaning search but excessive use of it made it possible that, today, even dictionaries will provide you this meaning.

So, are you excited to know the real story behind google and the name? Just proceed.

Brief history of Google

Larry Page and  Sergey Brin are the two behind google. It so happened that both, after their post-graduation, started their PhD in Stanford University and chose world wide web as their research topic. Actually, they wanted to develop a search engine which could show how many other web pages are linked with any web site.

They started working on it and they came with a search engine named “Backrub” in 1996, which was capable of showing how many other web pages are linked with it. On September 15, 1997 domain name was registered and in September 4, 1998, they incorporated it as a company named google.

Why named Google? 

Google is a mathematical term used for 1^100(I.e. 1 followed by 100 zeros), which clearly reflects their mission to provide extensive useful information to the consumers.

In 1999, both founders tried to sell google to Excite for $1 million by but fortune was in favor of Google and they did not agree on this much amount. And today, Google is the most preferred search engine in the entire world.

So, next time, if some fool shares with you that Google stands for “Global Organization of Oriented Group language on Earth, make him realize that there is no place for fake people on earth anymore. And share this article with him.

Sajid Ali

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