A Message From Shia (Community) For All Religious Believers

muharram ul haram

As the Muharram ul haram is here so I want to make few things clear as there are so many missunderstandings in the minds of others for Fiqah E Jafferia and related to Muharram as well.

1. We don't mix saliva or blood in our juices or food items.

2. We don't hurt any Zuljanah (Horse). Its just the red color on the white cloth to make it like a Shabeeh of Zuljanah.

3. We do not do worship the Zareeh or Alam e Abbas. We just kiss them or touch them to show love towards the Zareeh and Alam just like every muslim shows love towards Khana E Kaba.

4. We offer 5 prayers a day. Not more than 5 nor less than 5.

5. We follow the same Quran as every muslim follows.

6. Rasool s.a.w.w is our last prophet. We have a strong faith on Khatam E Nabuwat.

7. We do not do any type of Haraam deeds on the day of Ashoor and during Shaam E Ghariba. Its just the stupid rumor which is spread by some cheap and stupid people.

8. We do Zanjeer in Muharram but we also donate a very large amount of Blood during the whole Muharram and Safar.

9. Using slang langugage or saying any bad thing during Majalis is not allowed among us. If someone do this so they don't belong to Fiqah E Jafferia.

10. There will be thousands of Speakers who will be reciting majlis during Muharram. Some of them will spread hate and will say some stupid things. Just don't listen to them.

We people are peace loving. Kindly remove all the missunderstandings from your mind.

Normally my non shia friends ask me "Kiya hamen tmhare juloos mai anai milega ya niyaz khanai milegee?" Mera jawab yae hota hai k har koe aa skta hai. Because ham kabi kisi se nae puchte k aap Shia ho ya sunni. Even if pehchaan b lai k koe non shia aya tab b ham kch b nae kehte. Aur iski wajah yai hai k Imam Hussain a.s sabkay hai.

Well I Hussaini representing Fiqah E Jafferia invite every Non shia even non Muslim brothers and sisters to attend our Majalis and Processions. We welcome everyone by open heart.

Spread love and peace not hate this is what our religion and Prophet MUHAMMAD (saww) teach us. Alhamdulillah we all Muslims friends lives happily and care about each other throughout a year but as Muharram comes near some hatred (who do not like peace and unity in Muslims) starts their hatred activities. Avoid them and attend Majalis and Jaloos of Shuhdaa-e-Karbala because HUSSAIN (a.s) sab k hain.❤️

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