Time, The Most Popular Oxymoron of The World !!!

time the most popular oxymoron of the world

There are many successful people in this planet. They have different specializations, and different accomplishments in their particular area, but they all have one thing common that is Time, to whom they have utilized at their best. We all are well aware from the fact that time never returns back, once it is passed, it is lost. In spite of it, every day we waste handsome amount of time, which if could have used qualitatively might help us to do something which alternatively favors us in anyway. Therefore, putting forward the importance of utilization of time management effectively; it is said that time management is one of key skills in order to be successful. Simultaneously, it is also harsh reality that time management is also one of the skills where majority of people lack. In this way, their inefficiency of time management makes them to suffer. And the ultimate solution of their suffering is managing time in order to moving toward success. Hence, there are many suggested strategies to help in time management such as making to do list, prioritizing things, and avoid procrastination.

There are many people who remain confused at what they should or need to do. At that time making to do list helps us at large by putting all the things in one place. It helps us to be organized and informed about the tasks which we have to do.  In this way, by providing us complete picture of tasks it helps us to end up the dilemma of what should or need to do. Moreover, it is proven that by writing to do list, and putting it handy helps us to get our task revised, which helps in remembering to do the tasks. Furthermore, to do list also provides us summary of what we have done and what is still left to do. Hence, in the end of the day it works as a kind of reflection of our activities. Even, there are many people who make entire timetables of weeks and months, but at the beginning level making to do list helps us not only in being informed and organized but also help to develop a habit of making plan of tasks and activities.

Along with being confused at what to do many people are also uncertain at from where start to do. They are ambiguous about the priorities. They remain confused about important and urgent. They place the most urgent things at the end of list, and less important things at the top. Hence, in the result of these uncertain and ambiguous priorities they do the work but at inappropriate time, which don’t harvest the profit as it should have to. Hence, knowing what to do and when to do is an essential part for effective time management; otherwise it may decline the efficiency of time management. So, by prioritizing the urgent work, completing it at earliest of time helps us to remain calm and relax at the end.
One of the core component of ineffective time management is the habit of procrastination. We are assigned with certain deadlines for doing something. In real sense, these deadlines are provided us to give us a time specific slot so that we can do our work at our ease in between deadline. But actually what we do is making delay and putting the work on another day. This process of putting work on another day continues until and unless we reach on eleventh hour. And then in the last stage of haphazardness we just fulfill the formality, followed by a wave of tension and distress which also brings inefficiency and lack of quality in work even. Moreover, in order to complete that procrastinated work we put aside to other works, which are actually scheduled to do on that time. In this way, the chain of procrastination get continued. Therefore, by eradicating this habit of procrastinating and doing work in given time can make us in managing time effectively.

Cutting it short, there is no doubt that time is irrecoverable or repeatable. Hence, wasting it aimlessly is the biggest foolishness that we all generally make. The way to compensating this foolishness is to use it wisely, and there are so many ways to use it in similar way. Among those all ways the practicing of making do to list, prioritizing our work, and avoiding procrastination can help us to manage time effectively.

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