The Lungs of Planet, Amazon Is On Fire

amazon on fire

In modern times, world is confronting the most complicated challenges than it has ever endured in its whole history. Among those challenges, climate change is at the top. Climate change is not merely affecting human life but also the lives of other creatures existing on earth too. In resisting the climate change, plants play a leading role. When thousands of plants are assembled then a wide impact of “forest” is created. These forests multiplies its roles in preserving the safe climate. Among those many forests in list, Amazon Forests is the largest rain forest on the surface of earth. It stretches for almost 7 million square kilometers covering an area larger than Europe. It is called the green heart of southern America which is making Invisible contributions for world by regulating entire planet’s atmosphere. That’s why amazon rainforest is known as “lungs of planet”. Or in other words, amazon rainforest is Oxygen factory which defense against climate change. It is spread in 9 countries. 60% of its part is part of Brazil. It provides 20% oxygen of entire planet. Amazon is the home of world’s half plant and animal species. 

Amazon rainforest gets fire in dry sessions but the 80,000+Fires in Brazil this year is alarming situation. For past few days, Amazon is consuming on fire and people are more than suspicious that it is “Manmade disaster”. This year 80% of increase in the incidents of fire and we have witnessed the hottest July in history. Now, conditions have got such severe that green paradise has worn dark layered of smoke that has covered the air and spread the strong smell of burning all around. Smoking is approaching Brazil cities along with spreading neighborhood countries as well. everyone who smell this smoke is choking. 

Moreover, fire is expected to continue for more few weeks. Having such devastating environment generates big question for interrogation that who is responsible for such massive destruction?
Public of Brazil are claiming their president Jair Bolsonaro responsible for such destruction because deforestation is occurring at extensive amount since year. Furthermore, he is the believer that amazon should be opened up for business. But on the other side, Brazilian presidents make responsible to NGOs for burning. 
In this time, debate of occurring someone responsible should be transformed into dialogues and discussion that how this fire can be cooled down as International criticism in Brazil is heating up. And due to the burning this oxygen factory is emitting carbon instead.
Relating Amazon only with Brazil and putting entire responsibility on it’s should only is not the sensibility as Amazon rainforest is serving the humanity of entire globe. Thus, there should be collected global response to it. In this connection, in order to discuss this issue G7 was called. French President Emmanuel Macron G7 agrees to help the nations affected by the amazon forest. He further says that protecting environment is G7 priority. In G7, the possibilities of putting off fire and the agenda of planting new trees were discussed to payback to loss. 

The increasing fire in Amazon forest is loudly screaming that if the actions will not be taken timely then this fire will suffocate our future.

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