Pakistani National Torture Victim Files Case Against UAE

UAE torture Pakistani national

The darker side of UAE has revealed by the severe torture claims of Pakistani victim

The so called strict and solid rules and regulations of UAE were badly exposed by the Pakistani national, who has paid through nose for the travel ban he was even not aware of. On the grounds of coming across that ban, his physical and sexual abusement was remarked as solution for that “heinous” crime. 

Muhammad Saad , a Pakistani , is a living proof of such condemnable and mal-treatment,  who first worked as a consultant for Price Water House Coopers Pakistan and later rendered his services as a Senior Oracle EPM Consultant for Indian consultancy firm Tech Mahindra for Abu Dhabi Ports in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Soon after he resigned from this job as to follow his MBA admission in American university of Dubai, In March 2019 he attempted to travel the Saudi Arabia, the turning point in his life. The local police arbitrary arrested him not only , but also kept him in worst detention for more than half of month accompanied by the violation of human mental and physical ethics. After his deliberate deport to Pakistan, Saad is now striving to confront the legal battle against UAE with the help of Pakistani authorities.

On detainment Saad exposed serious issues that he faced during his apprehension. He was not even shown by any arrest warrant, neither he was allowed to hire a counsel for the sake of defense. He furthermore claimed to be restricted from any type of communication without mentioning of the allocated charge in the police vicinity at border area. In addition to this, pitifully he was harassed, sexually and physically abused by police faculty of remote ABU DHABI MADINAT ZAYED PRISON for 7 days. Later at ABU DHABI AL SHAHAMA PRISONER FACILITY, he was pathetically molested for 13 days from 20 march to consecutives. Multiple times he was chained and harassed to do sexual acts followed by the tearing of clothes via officers. Such repeatedly forces led him to severe sickness and after heart wrenching detentions and apprehension he was deported.

In Pakistan, on the holistic medical checkup it was known that due to continuous and various physical torture, psychological and sexual harassment and abuse he became medically disable and now suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), nerve damage and neurological disorders. In addition to this Saad unfortunately lost his remarkable academic record and commendable professional opportunities. He is also seeking compensation for his financial dilemma and loss.

He is now raising his voices and claims to Pakistan Foreign office and Ministry of Human rights as UAE authorities are paying deaf ear to his legal complaint. Now so what? Merely condolence and contemplation don’t guarantee that cases such like Saad’s would be stopped. Are we waiting that God forbade we ourselves become victims or SAAD to pay our parts and then ask for serious steps and initiatives to such sensitive issues? No he has done his role, it is now our responsibility to be his voice, to seek justice for him, to demand the polices that prohibit other states to treat him and many others as their submissive, to warn international authorities and create examples for the ones that does so and do secure the present and future of other overseas Pakistan. Stand with him and speak for him. Please save your people to be next, otherwise price has to be paid by us. #JUSTICEFORSAAD #ABHI_NH_TO_KBHI_NH

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