Pakistan has Second Highest Number of Children Out of School in The World

pakistani school children

Whereas on the one side Pakistan is facing economic challenges on the same page the educational quality of country is also not worth to applause. Even quality of education is the far distant thing in front of the total amount of children who are out of school. According to an estimate by UNICEF, around 22.8 million children between the age of 5 and 16, 44 percent of the total population of this age group, are not in schools, which is the second highest number in the world. In such situation, how the development of country is possible when such huge amount of students are not enrolled in the schools. . It is not only the developmental issue but also the violation of Human Rights as well. 

In order to take these out of school children into school many projects and initiatives have been taken place. i.e. “Take a child to school” and other similar ones.  Along with these projects, some of the foundations are constantly working on this mission of giving right of education to every children. Among those foundation Sindh Education Foundation (SEF), which primarily works for Sindh and another similar foundation “The Citizen Foundation” (TCF) has opened many schools all across the Pakistan. 

Continuing its mission to give right of education to every children, the Citizen Foundation (TCF) signed a memorandum of understanding with Mishal Pakistan to create awareness among the general public about out of school children through different mediums such as print, electronic and online. 

Through this collaboration Mishal and TCF will jointly develop capacity-building initiative by engaging senior journalists on multiple forums across the country. By doing this so, they will conduct training of seniors journalists in Islamabad, Lahore, Pehswar, Karachi and Quetta. The purpose is to design strategic media trainings that provide data-sets for journalists to report on the issue with evidence-based journalism. These trainings will equip journalist to enhance quality of reporting on education and social development issues. This collaboration will also assist the efforts of TCF to bring the changes in the education sector which are workable to enroll these out of school children and to achieve the unanimous goal of keeping children in school.

Mishal Pakistan will also create special category at the AGAHI Awards 2019, Pakistan’s most sought after journalism recognition to include “the Reporter of the Year Award, Reporting on Out-of-School Children”.

Along with this, gaps in service provision at all education levels are a major constraint to education access. Digging down the reasons of such gap will lead us to understand barriers of socio cultural demand, economic factors and supply-related issues, such as the availability of adequate and standardized school facilities, together hamper access and retention of certain marginalized groups, in particular adolescent girls.

Isfandyar Inayat, general manager, TCF, said, “Economic development of a nation is closely related to the development of its human resources. Our partnership with Mishal Pakistan aims to spotlight Pakistan’s education crisis that is affecting the ability of our children to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge needed for effective participation and contribution to our national development. We are thankful to Mishal Pakistan for stepping up to help us in this cause.”

Speaking on the occasion, Amir Jahangir, CEO of Mishal Pakistan also added a note that according to Article 25-A, Education is the right of every child as envisioned in the Constitution of Pakistan. Which promises that state will provide free education to children between ages of 5-16 years. But state is not fully successful to come up its promise and its provision falls well below an adequate standard. Hence, we are making an effort through this initiative to bring public policy focus on the Right to Education by raising awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 4 and SDG5).”

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