Pakistan Army Is Now Reintroducing National Cadet Course After 22 Years

pakistan army announce ncc

Defense is an integral pillar of any state that is responsible for its firm establishment and assurance throughout the entire country. Usually defense is limited and crowned only to the ARMY of that particular state. But there comes a critical and delicate time to every country where it is subjected and supposed to every citizen to contribute their integral roles for maintaining this cardinal factor. 

Pakistan, thus, also is going through such dilemmatic phase where along with external threats, some internal sources are too arising as the matter of consideration and thinking. So, in addition with confronting the enemies behind the boundaries, it is now necessary to suppress the inner safety issues. Pakistan army although is one of the best trained and skilled armies of the world , rendering its services for that noble cause very well, yet we being citizen of state and supporters of them, it is ought to prove it . 

For the dire safety and security requirements , Pakistan Army is now reintroducing its NCC or NATIONAL CADET COURSE after 22 years for the sake of above mentioned reasons. It will be allowed to the students of colleges and universities to attain this training by keeping the point that majority of our population comprises of youth. NCC asks students to train themselves under the supervision of ARMY to tackle any emergency or weird situation. Official Army spokesman announced this NCC for 40 days for Self-Defense of the students of educational institutes especially. 

After this news prevailed, a wave of excitement was witnessed in the students of entire country . They are appreciating as good attempt for the concerned purposes , a dream come true and also strengthening their bonds with their beloved army. Most importantly the positive message , given by them to entire world is that when it is asked every person from the nation will be there not only to defend himself but to support the Army too. 


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  1. is this real? because if it is i seriously want to try is my dream to join army one day inshallah.i already am taking taekwando classes. may i know where this is taking place in 2020.