Don't Make Excuses, Just Do It

dont make excuses

I have interacted the people having big dreams, lot of talent and skills. But usually in the most of the people I have found one thing common that is making “excuse”. Making excuses are common in common men but they do not actually know that excuses are the odds in the path of success. Excuses will only lead you to make house of failure.

Students cry for good education and competitive teachers. They excuse for poor educational system. I mean come on you are born in the 21st century where lots of tutorials and academic applications are available at your fingertips. All you have to do is to just open the screen. I have seen the people giving up because of poverty. Poverty should not be stated as excuse for not going ahead. It should not be made a hindrance; rather struggling and making one’s own way should be the inspiration of every aspirant. I also know the people who excuse their disability for not doing anything and at the same time, I have also met the people who call them differently able than disables and doing a lot of wonderful things which amaze everyone.

When I talk specifically in Pakistani context them we are expert at making excuses due to load shedding, rain, drainage system, strikes and what not. These things are perfect excuses to escape from the work. But these are the excuses due to which we are left behind from the world because people in other places don’t make damn excuses for such tings. If we are making such silly excuses now then future will hold no bright things for us because excuses will always be there for you but opportunity won’t. Our excuses may sound good now but slowly they will turn into habits. And such bad habits can never lead you forward therefore, find a way not an excuse. 

Abandon your excuses now, turn it into efforts; do your best this time and fascinate the folks.

Nimirita Wadhwani,
Sukkur IBA University,

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