Competition, Leading Life Ahead Or Ruin It ?

competition leading life ahead or ruin it

In this developing era everyone is trying to standout. In order to make position lot of hard work is paid by passionate people. But the problem occurs when there is more supply than demand. In this way, a competition arises. 

When we talk about competition large portion of responses regarding it are generally negative. But, let me add one point here that competition never means positive or negative. But surely, the intention of competing and its consequences determine that either competition lead or ruin your life. 

The dilemma is that we prioritize the competition in wrong direction. We make competition with other companions not with our destination. Our intentions behind competition are majorly to defeat others who are with us in same race but not to reach our finish line which is actually destination. Hence, winning becomes not actual success but defeating other does! 

Competition with others is not always bad at all. Sometimes, competing with others becomes inspiration to fuel up our struggle to come up to the standards where other people are. The ultimate motive of competing with others should be to realize our potential that if others can do then why I cannot! 

Moreover, everybody in this universe is born unique. No doubt, we may share some similarity with others or we may desire to be like them. Hence, we compete with them to be like them. But nothing can be more beautiful than being who you are. Thus, a competition should be with own self. Every competition should be the quest to be the better version of one’s own.  When we make competition with own self then all that matters is our destination not with the ones who are in the way for that destination. Resultantly, winning those competitions gives real satisfaction and lead our life ahead.

Nimirita Wadhwani,
Sukkur IBA University,

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