Media Adds Mirch Masala to Bring Breaking News ?

We both were sitting and watching T.V peacefully.

I took the remote to change the channel. While moving from channels I ended up at News Channel as it was also time for headlines.

She irritatingly said “to change the channel”.
I asked: why?

She answered: I get headache while listening news which always states problems and explains the statistics about the number of people die every day. A junk thing!

I took a sigh to analyze her comment.

After a paused I answered that it’s necessary and equally important for every citizen to watch/listen news so that, we can be informed about the country’s situation. Further, I added that telling statistics about the death ratio of people is part of their job. 

She interrupted my argument in amidst and said I do not care and it will not make any impact if I know or do not know about news or country. END OF ARGUMENT.

After few days a big incident happened in country. Everyone was talking about that. All media was aired with that news and surprisingly she herself was watching NEWS.

I became amazed and interrogated that you are watching NEWS?

She replied that this is a breaking news and everyone is talking about that hence, I am watching to get an information.


We always complain that Media adds Mirch Masala to bring Breaking News, but have we ever wondered that why media does this so? I mean why they can’t go with normal news every day?
It’s because we want this masala. We like to see this masala.  We do not watch NEWS in casual days, but God forbid if something happens which spread noise in entire country then automatically we end up turning to NEWS channels.  Stop being dramatic and stop dramatization, we already have entertainment industry for this purpose. At some point of times, we need to be sensible especially when we are bringing or watching something on media because media is one of the things which reflects us to international market. If we will bring drama in NEWS then world will end up making our image in same way. Thus, all we need to understand that stop expecting breaking NEWS every time let the media to do their work with rationality and sincerity.

Nimirita Wadhwani,
Student of Bachelor in Education,
Sukkur IBA University

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