Let's Believe in Kaptan and His Vision !!!

Imran Khan announcing his vission

Once upon a time, Imran Khan used to be public’s hero. People wanted Kaptan to take charge of country. Together with Kaptan people were singing songs of change and dreaming about Naya Pakistan. And now things are turning into reality; change is occurring, we are actually moving toward Naya Pakistan. Now, if everything is going into track which was decided then why we are reluctant at acknowledging and embracing it? Why people and their choices about Kaptan have changed dramatically!

No doubt! Change is difficult to accept especially a change which demands to break ancient chains of consistency. Likewise, the change which Kaptan wants and which is highly favored to country this time is of the imposition of “Tax”. No any country can survive without tax imposition. Tax is the law which apply on every citizen, but unfortunately from the population of 22 Crore only 1 percent of people is paying tax. It means one percent of population is carrying the load of entire country. 

Furthermore, due to not paying tax our country had fell into scarcity money which made it to put its knees on the door of IMF, resulting debt in millions of rupees on Pakistan. Now, condition has become so severe that we are unable to pay interest of the loan taken from IMF. Amidst these all situation one questions roars louder that how long this will run? How many more time we will go to IMF? How long will every government repeat this cycle of taking loans? 

Fortunately, this time we have got a leader who is trying to bring prosperity in nation. Yes, he has taken the charge to change. For this sake, he is imposing tax so that money gathered can be used to clear the dues of IMF. Together with this, the prices of different things have risen. No doubt, people are crying over inflation, but this inflation is important for the economic sustainability of country. If we will not have money then how this country will be governed? Without money how the developmental projects will be accomplished? We need money for everything.  Hence, on this tough time of inflation we all have to understand this point that in order for the growth and establishment of economy it’s required to rise in prices. Once, we pass this tough time then our country has secure future and most importantly tough time do not last longer. Thus, let’s believe in our Kaptan and his vision.

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  1. It's difficult to give tax on everything suddenly but with the passage time surely people will understand.