Kulbhushan Jhadav verdict by International Court of Justice (ICJ)

Kulbhushan yadav

Today both Pakistani and India media is aired with the name of Kulbhushan Jadhav. A name which was not existing as famously before March 2016. Kulbhushan Jadhav is the 46-year-old was a resident of Mumbai. He is the son of retired Mumbai police officer Sudhir Jadhav. An Indian navy officer, is accused of working for the Indian intelligence services in Balochistan.  

Kulbhushan Jadhav, Indian navy officer was arrested in Pakistan's restive southwestern province of Balochistan in March 2016 where Islamabad has long accused India of backing separatist rebels and terrorism in Pakistan. After his arrest he was sentenced to death by a military court a year later. In April 2017, he was convicted of espionage and terrorism and sentenced to death. Since the arrest of Kulbhushan Jadhav the case has stoked tensions between the two countries.

Although, India has some other story to share. India says he was kidnapped in Iran, which borders the province, where he was doing business. India then filed a case with the ICJ. In February Pakistan's attorney general told the ICJ that Jadhav's "terrorist activities were directed at creating anarchy in Pakistan and particularly targeted the China-Pakistan corridor". The nuclear-armed neighbours have a long history of diplomatic rows, and the two governments often accuse each other of sending spies into their territories.

Mohammad Faisal current spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Kulbushan Jadhav had admitted playing a role in assassinations in Pakistan and supporting attacks on military installations. Shortly after his arrest, Islamabad released a video in which he was shown admitting involvement in spying. It's seen as evidence that India is supporting militant separatist groups in places like Balochistan province.

Kulbhushan Jhadav verdict by International Court of Justice (ICJ):
In favour of india 🇮🇳:
Kulbhushan Jadav will get consular access.
Death sentence held temporarily.
Review of decision.
In favour of Pakistan🇵🇰:
Kulbhushan Jadav will stay in custody of Pakistan.
No safe passage for Kulbhushan Jadav to india.
Charges of terrorism stays.

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