Key Points of PM Imran Khan Speech at Washington D.C

Imran Khan speech in washigton

It is no doubt that Pakistan has finally found its leader, our PM, Imran Khan. Imran Khan has left no any opportunity to prove himself whether its cricket or politics. Everywhere he goes he enjoys victory. He is the winner of hearts and this thing is apparently appearing in his visit to America where in Washington D.C capital Arena he was warmly welcomed by the jubilant oversees Pakistani peoples. 

It has been happening after the years that any Pakistani prime minister has received such honor and addressed the packed stadium of 20,000 people at abroad. No any Pakistani Prime minister ever before has taken of oversee Pakistanis in confidence. No wonder, change is occurring and Pakistan is entering into the phase of prosperity where world is respecting our leaders. 

In the speech by PM at Arena, some of the key points are highlighted below.

Difference between Democracy and Monarchy

Imran Khan started his speech by explaining difference between democracy and Monarchy. He further said why democracy is superior over monarchy due to embedded characteristics of Merit and Accountability of leaders in Democracy. He also added that under covered monarchy is occurring in Pakistan in the name of democracy.

Lost prosperity of Pakistan and its reason

Imran Khan reasoned the corruption as the core reason of declination of Pakistan prosperity which was vastly progressing in the 1960s in middle Asia. 

Multi syllabus

Imran khan also toke this thing on the board that even our Education system separates us. We have 3 different medium. Urdu-English and Madarsaas. It is the first time in the Pakistan that Madarsa syllabus with be added with scientific subjects along with religious subjects so that, these students can also get can chance to excel in different fields. With that august gathering the announcement of making a single syllabus system for whole education system of Pakistan is also made.

Debt on Pakistan

No any speech of khan is complete until and unless he informs us about the statistics of the debt taken by previous government. In this speech as well he highlighted that debt of 6 hazar arab reachd to 30 hazar arab within 10 years. Where this huge amount is invested? 
God knows! 

His vision

Imran Khan shared his vision for Pakistan that is to govern it on the principles of “Maka Madina”. In last, he ended his speech by declaring that he has not ever bowed down in front of anyone except Allah and likewise he will not let his nation to do this so!

Nimirita Wadhwani,
Student of Bachelor in Education,

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