Selena Khuwaja, 10 Year Old Pakistani Girl Becomes World's First to Summit 7000m Mountain

10 year old pakistani girl summit 7000m mountain

We all see the dreams. Basically dreams are of 2 types. The first type of dreams is the dream which we see while sleeping and other which do not let us sleep.  Analyzing the category of dreams, we will come across to large proportion of dreamers from 1st category of dreams. Fortunately, Pakistan is also blessed with such dreamers whose untiring efforts, sleepless nights and dedication have always made Pakistan to feel proud. Moreover, they are types of people whose dreams are much larger, louder and bolder than their age.  That’s the real beauty of their dreams and accomplishments that it’s not bounded on their age. These are the people who mesmerize us by the combination of their young brain and body which accomplish heavier tasks. Yes, I am talking about none other than the mountainous girl “Selena Khuwaja”. 

Selena Khuwaja youngest girl to summit mountainSelena Khuwaja is the 10 years old youngest ever mountaineer to summit a 7000-er. She is the youngest one to stand on top of Spantik peak (7,027m). Moreover, this mountain queen also holds a record of climbing Quz Sar Peak and Mingli Sar. She also holds the record of summiting 5,000 and 6,000 meter peaks. And it’s nor a limit for her here, as this youngest mountaineer is also intending to climb 8,848 meter high Mount Everest. More power to you girl.

The girls like Seleena Khuwaja do not only becomes inspiration for women empowerment, but they also bring message for every dreamers that believe in your dream and try your best to turn those into reality. World is waiting to appreciate you.

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