World Cup Thy Name of Hopes, So Pakistanis Keep All Alive !!!

Sarfaraz crying during live press conference
Sarfaraz crying during live press conference

Patience , hard work and tolerance are the topmost equipments for the people and nations that want to be successful and long last in the world. If such attributes couldn’t be found then the notion of progress and achievement is of no worth .

Same is applied to this video . People who are saying fittay munh to our players after the game are those who are merely spectators , they can visualize or feel whatever is happening before them but they can’t understand the alternative war between the actions , decisions or pressure through which our representatives are coming across. Speaking is much easier than doing and thus is everyone’s cup of tea so they are doing . Let me remind you that they are representing us , our country . So if you are saying fittay muhh to them than sorry to say it is returning back to you .

Secondly being nation we are a single unit thus by conveying such remarks you are giving the sign of scattering cells , discrimination , disrespect to even your own fellows to the entire world . Come on Pakistanis , we should be mature now. There is a real difference btw tasver m sth khara hone r taklef m sth khara hona , be the ones from 2 type so that you also will be remembered. While hoping the core sincerity for country from everyone and wanting everybody to do so , you people yourselves are promoting mutiny and rebel by uttering those phrases . Keep in actions .

Sorry but after this sort of attempt you are the type of people who don’t deserve to be in as a crowd if Pakistan lift up World Cup 2019 , cause If you want to cherish the joys of winning of team then be daring to have the depths of failure too with them.

It is definitely depressing not disappointing only for many of us when Pakistan is on that big losing streak. But in spite of this , keep on warming up , backing up your striving team, there are other matches waiting ahead for the stunning performances of our heroes. Failure is the way to success cause it teaches us what cardinal amendments are required for the best , thus ask them to take the most of this opportunity and adapt the modifications we have grasped from today’s mistakes like batting being normal , alarming balling , etc. rather than this .

So be positive keep your hopes alive , look at the heroes they have the same patriotic and spiritual blood in them that we have for cricket , they are from the same land we die for , they are from the same country that hits and conquer the recorded history of cricket, they are from the region that yielded the ones who won 1992’s game , belive on your land , believe on you and us , be their support , be their beholders not their backstabbers , Srf khne se kuch nh hota It’s high time to show k tm jeeto ya haro hmn tm se pyar h , hm tmahre sth hn . Pakistan Zindabad , Pakistani Cricket Team Paindabad.

Here is the video:

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