Tax - Backbone of Economic Development

Have we ever ponder over that why certain countries are developed, touch the peeks of innovations, where health and hygiene is ensured, where people are facilitated with the ease of life from multiple dimensions. On the other hands, there are also some developing countries which are still striving in the phase of development. Where health, economical, and other political conflicts are core components of their everyday life problem. Following this, there are also other countries who are even falling below the verge of development.  Digging down the reason of developmental gap among countries may lead us to pronounce “Government” as a primary cause. But, there also lies one core component which is the backbone of development of any country; known as TAX.


Tax is known as a “charge usually of money imposed by authority on persons or property for public purposes”. Being a Pakistani it may sound strange to listen Tax as a pillar of development for countries, because for us Tax means the declaration of property leading to charging money which is then resides in the bank account of politicians. But, actually it’s a tool invested to increase the living standards such health, education, business etc… of any country.


Health is one of the common issue globally. But the situation get worst when we don’t have the remedy, Medical researchers and expert doctors. Hence, the lack of such health facilities and investment over this makes government un-promised to save the lives of many innocence.


How the development of any country is impossible when the majority of children (22.5 million) are out of school and living their earning by their soft hands which are deserved to hold the book. It is not only the developmental issue but also the violation of Human Rights. Therefore, considering government as only the evil cause is totally insanity when we ourselves do not pay the tax which is then funded on the establishment and maintenance of educational institutes.


Business has the ripple effect on the economy of any country. Hence, it’s not merely important to invest on this sector, but it simultaneously important for Business to file their respective taxes to government at both central and state level of all the places your business is flourishing.
Along with these factors money collected from funds should also be allocated to environmental protection, security, preservation of history and culture, art, scientific research etc... Development of all sectors is possible when the government tax over the country and invest those found on these project. Hence, being a responsible citizen it’s our responsibility to pay the tax and make our country and nation prosperous.

In order to build this strong practice and direct our country to the path of development; the emphasis and efforts taken by Prime Mister Imran Khan is worth appreciating. In this recent speech, he also highlighted the importance of Tax. The major points of his speech covers:
·   From the population of 22 Crore only 1 percent of people is paying tax. It means one percent of population is carrying the load of entire country.
·  The side effects of not paying tax can be witnessed as old and ruined hospitals, schools and the infrastructure of other places in Pakistan.
Imran Khan also declare in his speech about Scheme which states “to declare your undeclared property” till 30 June.
I hope that the hard steps taken by Imran Khan will reap the country with the eradication from the corruption and enforce economic stability.

Nimirta Wadhwani
Student of Bachelor in Education,
Sukkur IBA University.

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