Power of Uncertainity - Secret of Universe

Sitting by the side of river with legs relaxed and both hands placed at the back on naked land, they chatted for long. It seemed years-separated friends met for just few seconds. They could not stop laughing when school memories were on lips and become the victim of people's looks. And when it was all about politics, they never seemed to be friends anymore and would become so much harsh in their tones.

The day was setting in, and it was getting dark, when Zoya suddenly breaks the short pause with a gentle yet serious tone,

"Long ago, we used to yearn to look back at our past, listen to our voice and the past of our loved ones and favorite personalities.

Today we have all. With modern technology, we can now look back at our and others' past in the form of videos, photos and even books.

I sometimes think, can we be able to look at our future too? How amazing it will be! After all, technology is growing day by day. What do you say Tabassum?"

“Well, while I am not certain about this, still I can say it is impossible, based on my understanding of religion and knowledge. And there seems to me a strong reason behind this uncertainty, which is for the well-being of humans.

Let's be inquisitive.

Tell me, with the knowledge of future, will you or anyone else be happy to know that one of his loved ones will be no more with him the next day?

Will anyone be ready to work hard today, when he knows that he will become what he wants, two years later?

Will anyone work today, when he knows that he is going to die tomorrow?

Let's say you have an interview tomorrow, and you know that you will get rejected, will you still prepare?

Know the fact that, human nature is diversified, and it never thinks the way you think, unless Almighty wills.

Hence, the world will be a mess with future knowledge.

It is the Power of Uncertainty (Absence of future knowledge), that the world is organized at Large.
That is the biggest secret of the Universe.

Sajid Ali,
Student of Business Administration,
Sukkur IBA University.

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