Political Leader Should Work for Meeting the Expectation of the Public or to Predetermined Objectives ?

We all use to have some set standers and objectives in our mind whenever we attempt to do something.  For example whenever we get admission in any institute we have some objectives of learning from there, when we get a job our objectives can be earning and get promotions. Likewise, the people who admit and appoint us have also some their own objectives and standards to achieve from us. Same is applicable to Government as well. Whenever new Government takes charge of country they have some predetermined objectives in their mind. Simultaneously, Public have also some expectations from the newly appoint Government who democratically slogan as “Work for the people”. But the dilemma rises when the predetermined objectives of Government and the expectations by Public do not match. And then it becomes a big question that asks “Political leaders should work for meeting the expectations of the public or to predetermined objectives”

It is indeed a tough debate to weight one side of this argument. Rationally, Government set standers which favors the country after some rigorous analysis. For example, the current situation of country where tax is emphasized to clear the debts of country. In addition to this, the fulfillment of these some objectives lead to inflation in the country. No doubt! These steps are taken to put the country on the developmental tracks. On the other hands, due to these decision not only the fan following of Imran Khan is effecting but also it is making Public dissatisfy because of the difference in predetermined objectives and expectations. Public wants to have Positive Pakistan but on the other hands they are reluctant to give up the negative practices. They want transparency in the country when they are hesitant towards Justice.
No doubt! Public demands are also valid at their own extend. They vote in order to acknowledge their demands and serve in their favors. They vote to take off their worries. So, isn’t it their right to speak out when their expectations are unmet and demands seems unfulfilled, isn’t it?

It seems a perplexed puzzle to speak in one’s favor!

But there always lies a solution for every complexity, so as to this situation as well. We cannot favor any one situation completely. But a neutral opinion can be to analyze what favors the country majorly. If the predetermined objectives are working well and leading towards developmental milestones then, it’s agreeable to do so because the acceptance of good things takes time. And history is itself evident that whenever great works are done people first ask why you are doing this and then they ask how you have done this. So, cheer up! And keep it up! But do not take public completely granted and show ignorance towards it because democracy itself means “government of the people”, many of the times public expectations and suggestions are worth to work on. Hence, a Government should be flexible to accept others’ point of view rather than to show rigidity of fixed decision.

What do you think, share your opinion in below comments, because it is all about Government of the people, for the people and by the people.

Nimirita Wadhwani
Student of Bachelor in Education
Sukkur IBA University

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