Pakistan Vs England - Pakistan Defeated Mighty England !!!

Pakistan vs England
Pakistan Cricket team celebrating the wicket of English Batsman

Time does not remain same. It fluctuates having certain ups and downs. The ups comprise of the joyous and commendable moments while downs of rainy days or of sorrows. Successful are those who conveniently can go through such alteration of time. Same is the case of nation or country that exhibits such attributes attain achievement and success in every field. 

Aligning the cited statements, yesterday’s Cricket World Cup match can be illustrated. It was very well played by the both participant teams i.e. England and Pakistan. Our Pakistani team could not even perform average in it past 1 match and scored the lowest score in this world cup. Worst criticism was seen to be faced not only  from international analysts and veteran former cricket players but also from the national bounds and cricketers. Moreover the public of country who were not tiring to utter the anthems in favor of Pakistani team, who were repeatedly promising that either the team lose or win, it will be our favorite and we will be there for its support, who were showing their acute love, affection and patriotism to their team via social media to even themselves, was flipped too to such destructive criticism or the condemnable remarks like Fittay muuh at the stadium though, before our team representatives. Yesterday our same team came back in such heroic manner and performed so much well that itself is the slap to the critic’s world. And yhesssss!! They scored the highest score in the world cup.  In addition to this, the team defeated one of the best teams and currently number one team in ODI Cricket, England. Hence accompanied with the admirable batting, bowlers also hit the wickets with their exceptional balling such that English batting line fell before it and could not achieve the target.

The same anthems that were diminished to be heard, again started too aloud. Smiles and cheers replaced disgusting comments and appreciation were given from all around to us. The reason behind such mind-blowing performance was the true action. The actions and lessons that were taken from the previous defeat and mistakes. Wahab and Amir were added to team abrupt on the 11th hour. By keeping the motto that selection Committee was not wrong to choose them, they proved this decision righteous with their outstanding bowling. Hafeez’s batting and balling were so professional that even challenged with that of England’s, remarked himself very true to be said “Professor”. Sarfaraz still was successful never to betray the spectators with his bat too.

Such above factors led to the tremendous victory of Pakistani team.  Point to think is that be the support of your team whatever the circumstances. Always go to the positive sides and appreciated areas of performance, so that they would be strengthened. It is not the time to merely saying it is the high time to show and prove the world that Yes we are unite, we are together, and we are the one. Keep winning, Keep shinning Team, PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.

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