Old Sindh Text Books In New Era of Technologies !!!

The world is developing rapidly, innovations are taking place, and modernity is replacing out datedness.  But some things remain standstill such as the syllabus of Sindh Text Book board which hasn’t been changed for years.

sindh text books of 9th and 10th class
Sindh text books of 9th and 10th class

Whenever, I used to open my books of 9th and 10th grade; my grandfather started to recall his old memories. Unfortunately, those memories are not of school life rather these memories are of learning the same lessons without the changing of single inch. Here, debate is not of books should change or not, but the actual question is that do these books meet the modern demands of Education? Do these books promote Skilled Based Education and helping to prepare students as critical, creative, and responsible individuals?

Teaching is never means to create ease for teachers to teach same content again and again but it’s actually to aware students with the modern content and methods. But, regretfully these old books do not involve students in practical, reflective and inquiry based learning; rather it promote rote memorization and fact based Education which makes students to reproduce same things again and again. Hence, the result of such syllabus can be seen in the shape of following old patterns in spite of establishing new ones. In one of the interview by renowned social activist Waqar Zaka; he said, in the computer course of 9th grade students are taught about floppy disk and DOC version while children of nowadays are having smart phones of 4th generation in their pockets. Further, he also said that subjects like social media, space technology should be included in the syllabus. Hence, our outdated education system is one of the reasons due to which technocrats, entrepreneurs, scientists and people from other concerned developmental fields are not raising. Therefore, Creativity should be prioritize as important in Education as literacy.
Moreover, one of the common core of Education is to prepare students for future. But how we are going to prepare them when even we are not giving them chance to pronounce their opinions and thoughts. The traditional syllabus doesn’t promote communication and interaction among students. There is only one authoritative figure in the class who speaks; neither the book activities nor the content is helpful to engage students in collaborative work. If we are not promoting communication among students, not teaching them to learn from each other in this age then when they will learn to catch their voice to speak louder. Therefore, it is said “the art of communication is the language of leadership”, if we are not appreciating communication it means we are inhibiting in developing leaders.
In the light of above all discussed points, we can say that there is dire need to amend the syllabus of Sindh text book board. But this change is not possible until and unless the experts authors and editors are been appointed to make the new version of books along with aligning all the essentials of modern Education of 21st century. Moreover, it also demands great effort, time, and money, but where there is a will there is a way! If we are changing the syllabus it’s a great action taken towards the development of Nation and if we don’t then its better choice to sit silently and study these old books in modern era. 

Nimirta Wadhwani,
Student of Bachelor in Education,
Sukkur IBA University.

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