Muhammad Amir, From Almost Missing the World Cup to Becoming One of the Top Wicket Taker in WC2019

When you talk about the performance of a batsman, you do not judge his performance based on one or few aspects, rather you prefer to analyze all aspects such as average score, strike rate, hitting power, and ability to handle pressure while on pitch etc. Some of these are officially used while others are personal preferences. Similarly, a bowler’s performance analysis is no different. A bowler’s performance is mainly based on two aspects and those are Economy and Wickets taken. It is necessary to mention here that the relationship between the mentioned aspects is much like a house with power supply (Electric Facility) and electric appliances. The absence of power supply (Economy in bowling) is the worst condition while the absence of electric appliances (wickets in bowling) is a less-worse condition.

            So, a best performance reflects the combination of both.

Muhammad Amir celeberating wicket
Muhammad Amir celeberating virat wickets

Recently, there was a soft debate among social media activists, on Muhammad Amir’s performance, mainly categorized in two groups, one supporting Amir and showing grief on his absence in World cup squad before England tour and other justifying his absence mainly because of his post champion trophy performance in which duration he took only 5 wickets in 14 ODI matches.

            Due to which, he went from almost missing the world cup, to becoming the Top wicket taker in WC2019 till now.

Although, the arguments of the later group are not invalid at all, but deep analysis of his performance based on the earlier mentioned aspects (Economy and Wickets) and the relationship between them, will lead you to a conclusion that Amir’s economy rate has remained satisfactory in almost all matches after CT2017 though he was unable to take much wickets.

But there is a science behind this too.

As Muhammad Amir emerged as the only technical bowler in current squad and this fact is known to all batsman. So, what the batsman do, is to ignore his bowling or just rely on taking singles. And adjust the run rate in other overs. That is why his economy has been great with less wickets.

And if you see deeply, you will self answer yourself that why Amir is a favorite bowler for big matches. That is because, in those matches, batsman somehow try to play his bowling in the last overs if not in the start, and hence, they lose wickets. That is what we observed in matches against WI, England, And Australia.

So, you can not just say Amir did not perform, because, his one aspect of performance was always there i.e. economy rate. A preferable comment would be “His situation was threatening”, which Mucky Arthur did say.

Yet, I can understand that a big player has always big expectations attached with him. So, this debate can not be labelled as a debate among haters and fans rather if will be perfectly fine to say a debate among lovers of Amir with two different views.

In the end, I am not here to prove my analysis as 100% true. I am a lover and fan of Amir and until and unless my logic is valid I will stick to it, and when it will seem less logical, I will surrender.

Sajid Ali
Student, Business Administration
Sukkur IBA University.

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